Obama Is Silent About The Christmas Day Terrorist Attack……………Why??

Obama has been silent ever since that Terrorist Nigerian Asshole tried to blow up the Northwest Airliner in Detroit.

A Big Shoutout and Thank You to the Heroes aboard the Jet that Subdued this Nigerian Asshole. They are True Heros, and they saved many Lives, in addition to saving the Airline Industry. The Industry should award the People that jumped this Asshole a lot of Money!!

Why is Obama silent. All we here is how he has been constantly updated about the event. Well, I hope so. But maybe he should address the Nation about the Issue also!! But, no………I guess it’s not important enough. But i think the real reason he did not address the Nation was because he didn’t want to Alarm Us!! He figures if he shuts up about it and talks about it in a week or so, it will blow over. WRONG MR. OBAMA!!!! This is an issue that should be addressed, and no one is sticking their head in the sand, or pulling their Blankets over their Heads, hoping this kind of thing will go away.

GIVE US MORE CREDIT MR. PRESIDENT TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! And hopefully Obama won’t use as an excuse that it was Christmas, and he wanted to let the Nation enjoy the holiday without his intrusion. Maybe he was too busy swimming in his pool or running along the beach in Hawaii. Or maybe he has Assholes for Advisors!!!!

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4 Comments on “Obama Is Silent About The Christmas Day Terrorist Attack……………Why??”

  1. Ignacio Says:

    All you where?
    The White House has been talking about this nonstop since the very moment it happened.

  2. transparnc Says:

    Thank you for your post 🙂
    I Never said the White House was not speaking about it. But how about Obama addressing the Nation from Hawaii. If only for a few minutes. If the Bomb went off, he most likely would have addressed the Nation. But the Bomb was Ignited, and further possible damage was stopped by the Heroes aboard the Jet. And not by any Security precautions.
    Obama should address the Nation, as Peter King of New York has mentioned.
    He shouldn’t wait until he comes back from Hawaii.

  3. transparnc Says:

    It’s not about giving Satisfaction. They already get that by almost following thru with their attack, and almost succeeding. They already get their satisfaction by succeeding in Prior Attacks on United States Soil. And they already get Satisfaction regarding the USA spending Biliions on the 2 Wars, and they spend Thousands, and we still haven’t beaten them.
    Addressing the Terrorist Attack from Hawaii would just be something a POTUS is supposed to due. To speak to the nation to maybe calm fears that others have as one of the reasons, to address the Nation. Terrorism is Here to Stay, and addressing it when an Attack almost succeeds I feel would be Proper Protocol.
    On a side note, Obama feels it important enough to issue a Statement about Percy Sutton, BUT NOT the Terrorist Attack??
    That’s just Plain Stupidity.

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