Lopez sang a Song in NYC on New Years Eve which Sucked, BUT the Reason Lopez is an ASSHOLE is because she Wore a FUR COAT ON STAGE AFTER THE BALL DROPPED!!! If it was a Faux Fur then I apologize, but I very much doubt that Lopez would ever wear a Fake Fur. More Than 100 Mink must have given up their lives so that this Idiot could wear a Coat made of All Their Dead Bodies, In addition, these Mink Most Likely Suffered a Tortured and Painful Death. While most People are Forgoing wearing Dead Animals on their Bodies and are Respecting Other Living mammals, Lopez decided that not only will she Continue to Wear Fur Coats, BUT she wanted to let The Whole World Know That She Has a Fur Coat. No doubt that many Women will also decide to wear a Fur Coat, saying if Jennifer Lopez can wear a Fur Coat, so Can I. Jennifer Lopez, a True Live Asshole. I hope PETA gets involved and goes Public regarding this issue.

So for the First Asshole of The New Year, I Award Jennifer Lopez That Honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides having a Huge Ass, She IS a Really Big Asshole!!!!

BTW, take a look at THIS

I saw the above on TV the other day, on Hidden Video. It was very sad to see what the Fucking Chinese do to Live Mammals. And I’m sure the Chinese are not the Only Country Engaging in These Despicable Practices. The Poor Little Mammals are actually skinned while ALIVE, and continue to live after they are thrown in a pile of SKINNED BODIES!!! Truly Horrible!!!

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  1. transparnc Says:

    I approved the video reply but it has nothing to do with the Fact that Lopez the Asshole has a Fur Clothing Line which she tries to Show as Glamarous. The Fur Industry does Nothing But Torture Animals so that Inhumane Assholes like Jennifer Lopez can wear Dead Mammal Skins On Their Asshile Backs.
    Killing mammals for Fur is Barbaric and Assholes like Lopez try to Perpetuate the Fur Industry which is all but Dead Anyway. Hardly anyone buys Furs today due to the Movements Showing the Fur Industry for what it truly is…………Barbaric. Lopez tries to Flaunt Her Fat Ass in Fur to put her Finger up to the Anti Fur Movement………..But it has Backfired, and Lopez has done nothing more than to put her Finger up her Fat Ass…..
    Mammals that are killed Primarily for their Skins so that Humans can wear them is nothing But Barbaric…..and has nothing to do with a food source.
    Notice how Penn & Teller attacked PITA which is fine, But they did not Attack the Anti Fur Movement, or the Anti Fur Campaign of PITA which has been Very Effective, because their is No Way to Defend People who wear Furs…………..
    Lopez is Nothing but a Complete Fool…….Btw, she doesn’t even have an ass anymore, due to its Droopiness…………..But that’s Age & Gravity for you…

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