Take a look at this VIDEO of a Real Fucking Asshole by the Name of CHRIS GRANT, kicking the shit out of a Pomeranian-Chihuahua Mix. A REAL LIVE TOUGH GUY. A REAL FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!

I would like to be the Guy sharing a cell in Jail with this Tough Asshole so I could KICK THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!! This guy is a Pathetic waste of a Human Body. This Shmuck kicks the Crap out of the Tiny Dog, then the Shmuck calls the dog back over to pet it. The Dog comes back over to the guy, paws at his leg, thinking she is going to get some lov’in, and the guy pets the dog and THEN KICKS THE SHIT OUT OF THE DOG AGAIN, where she slams against the side of the elevator wall. Fur goes flying and everything. Luckily there were Housing Cops watching the Video, trying to identify another NYC Punk who stabbed a 9 Year old little boy in the chest 10 times, killing him. The Dog Kicking Asshole was Identified and Arrested. Hopefully this POS will spend a long time in Jail, and hopefully gets Fucked up His Ass Every Fucking Day!!

The Cops Identified the Ahole that Killed the Little 9 Year old and Arrested him also. See my other thread regarding that Horrible Crime.

 This was the Asshole’s Girlfriend’s Dog who probably had No Idea this was going on (at least I hope she had no idea, because if she knew about this abuse, she should also be Arrested.) Imagine how many times this Asshole Beat the Shit Out of the Dog prior to the Shmuck getting Caught. I bet at least 50 times.

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