King Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly Tout that NYC is The Largest Safest City in the World. Besides that being Bullshit, as my other Article explains, I think the following Slogan should be adopted, as it is a more truthful Description of The Big Apple.


The City where the Mayors Office is For Sale

Where the Mayors Office Can and IS Bought.

Where Once  Mayors were elected to Office, and now Kings Change the Laws, so they may now Purchase the Office!

The Largest City in the World, and most likely, one of the Most Corrupt in the World. When there is No Changing of the Guards, so to speak, Corruption Festers Uninterrupted. When 1000’s of Officials remain at their posts, such as Police Commissioner Kelly and 45,000 Officers, due to the Fact that Bloomberg has been in Power for  over 8 Years, and will be for 12 years, and he keeps his Subordinates which number in the 1000’s, Bloomberg keeps his Kingdom as it was 8 Years ago. And we all know what happens when there is NO Change. Corruption has Free Rein.

And This is why we had something called Term Limits. By it’s very nature, corruption is not allowed to go on Unfeathered. There is a Change at the Top, and with this change, 1000’s of others are replaced. So if there was any Corruption, it is ended, or impeded. A Changing of the Guards. That is what a Democracy is.

A Democracy is not about an Individual BUYING THE OFFICE OF THE MAYOR, WHICH IS WHAT BLOOMBERG DID!!!!!

WE, the Residents of NYC should hang our heads in Shame, for letting the Mayors Office be Bought, and for Denying Democracy to Persevere. Hopefully, in 4 more Years, there WILL be a Changing of the Kings and Guards, and we will be able to Continue with A Democracy, the way it was Intended.


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  1. grouchow Says:

    New York runs a close second or third to Chicago and New Orleans. Pitiful crap…… and then their types are trying to instill these dismal techniques to the Federal Government. Their theory…. ram it down their throats and stick it where the sun don’t shine!!!
    I’ll be sorry for this post tomorrow, erase it if you like. Sorry for the rant.

    • transparnc Says:

      Thanks for th e Post. i agree 100%.
      “Erase” is not in my vocabulary 🙂
      King Bloomberg is now making SALT illegal in NYC, besides Cigarettes, Transfats and Soda. Not really illegal but close to it. This guy Bloomberg is a real piece of work. While he’s at it, he should make Meat, Snapple, Sugar, Bacon, McDonalds, Burger King, etc. all illegal also.
      Bloomberg doesn’t want to let the people have a Choice regarding anything anymore.
      I have said this years ago, But Big Brother is Truly Running Rampant and there is No End In Site!!
      This is happening all over the Country, and NYC is in the Lead.
      With the NYPD Para Military and a King Running the City, it is no wonder NYC is the Poster Child for Big Brother in Action, and Outta Control.
      Who would have ever thought it would have started with Guns and now with Salt. UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!! Or Rather Believable!!
      We haven’t seen anything yet!!

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