Bloomberg is at it Again!!!! King Bloomberg is now making SALT illegal in NYC, besides Cigarettes, Transfats and Soda. Not really illegal but close to it. This guy Bloomberg is a real piece of work. While he’s at it, he should make Meat, Snapple, Sugar, Bacon, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. all illegal also. Maybe he should make blow bubbles illegal so kids can’t choke on the bubble makers, or choke on the  soapy water. 
What’s next?? Maybe wood products, to protect NYC citizens from getting splinters. Or Headphones, so the Citizens won’t lose their hearing from playing them too loud.

Don’t think the above can’t happen, because it will. Bloomberg thinks we can’t make our own decisions or our own choices responsibly,  which is why he changed the Term Limit Laws, and is now making everything illegal under the sun. Bloomberg is Outta control. But what do you expect from an Egotistical, Self Centered, Aristocrat??

Bloomberg doesn’t want to let the people have a Choice regarding anything anymore.
I have said this years ago, But Big Brother is Truly Running Rampant and there is No End In Site!!
This is happening all over the Country, and NYC is in the Lead.
With the NYPD Para Military and a King Running the City, it is no wonder NYC is the Poster Child for Big Brother in Action, and Outta Control.
Who would have ever thought it would have started with Guns and progress to SALT?? UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!! Or Rather Believable!!
We haven’t seen anything yet!!

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