Now Mr. 2 Face Obama says something is broken regarding communications between the Republicans and the Democrats. And he wants everyone to come together for the good of the People. He now says there are other important things than the HCRB.

Hold on a minute!

Is this the same Bumpkin that pulled Tricks Out of his Hat when Senator Ted Kennedy passed regarding getting the Mass. Governor to Override the Rules of Law in Order to get a Democrat to replace Senator Kennedy, so they could get the Vote for the Health Care Reform bill on time, before the elections were supposed to take place?

Is this the same Bumkin that wasn’t inviting the Republicans to the Health Care meetings not too long ago, and kept them out of the goings On regarding these Meetings?

Is this the same Bumkin that was making back Door Deals with PHARMA in order to get their support for the Health Care Reform Bill?

Is this the same Bumkin that put the Health Care Reform Bill above everything else, including Terrorism, Finance, etc. and spoke about the HCRB Non Stop?

I say Yes, Obama is the Same Bumkin that is now Whining!!!!!

When he had enough Democratic Votes to get his Health Care Reform Bill passed, he was content with leaving the Republicans to themselves. He didn’t give a Shit because they didn’t matter. Now Obama is Singing a different tune because he can no longer Bully the Republicans. He spoke about how things needed to Change but they were on their way to change, Now all of a sudden Obama says things are really broken in Washington, and the People are the ones who are suffering. Blah, Blah, Blah!!! Now that things are things are not going his way, he thinks he can talk his same Bullshit talk to the People and Snowball them once again. Hopefully some of these People have begun to realize that Obama is just a bunch of Hot Air, who thinks he can talk the People into Anything. He did talk his way into winning the Presidential Election. But his Speeches are getting kind of Old and kind of Boring and losing a lot of their Dazzle. His speeches were Full of Shit to begin with, but they were enough to get him elected.

Poor Obama, what is a former Bully to do!!!!! Go cry to the people he Bullied for Forgiveness. Obama is Politics as Usual, and hopefully the Obamacrats see Obama for what He really is, just another Politician……..with a Golden Tongue which is being seen for what It truly is……Fool’s Gold!!!!

Now Obama, go in a corner and cry because you fucked up!!!

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