Bloomberg of NYC says that if the Terrorist Trials were held here, the cost for security would be $$200 million dollars per year!!!!

That is a Bunch of Bullshit!!!! Bloomberg will “PAD” the Expenses and the Numbers just like he does with Crime Stats, School Graduation rates, and a bunch of other stuff. Bloomberg and his Chronies will make The Dollars fit the Tally!!!!

No one in their right minds believe that the Terrorist Trials would cost NYC $$200 Million Dollars per Year. That may be the RETAIL Price but the Actual Costs I bet would be Half that or less, and NYC would pocket the Rest. The Terrorist Trials should not be held in NYC BUT Don’t let Bloomberg Fool you with his Numbers, and make Fools out of you!!!!

Obama, are you Listening???? Bloomberg is Full of Shit!!!! Have your Financial People crunch the Figures and then Compare those Figures with those of the Underling Jokers that Bloomberg has on the Payroll and you will see the real Dollars & Cents.

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