The NYPD may be Corrupt and engage in Illegal Acts, including Horrendous Acts of Police Brutality,  and it’s Leadership, including Police Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg may have lost Control of the NYPD, But check the above Story out.

The only Difference between the NYPD and the PD of Schenectady is the size of the Force. Schenectady may have only a Handful of police officers, all of whom have engaged in Illegal Activity, Buy the NYPD has police officers who engage in the same and worse activity. It’s just that the NYPD consists of 35,000 police  officers, and the Bad police officers get lost in the shuffle.

The officers of the NYPD engage in a wide array of illegal activity, from Murder as was the case of the 2 detectives that carried Hits out for the Mob, and were finally Prosecuted decades later, and are now serving Life Terms in Prison, to the cops on the beat who get Discounts on their food Purchases from Bodegas, restaurants, etc. which btw is illegal. And let us not forget the Hundreds of cases in which the NYPD engages in Perjury while Testifying Under Oath in Court. As one “Corrupt” NYPD Officer once told me, “When we go to Court, we TESTILIE.” For those of you who don’t know what that word means, it means that the officer or detective goes in front of the Court and Testifies Under Oath as to the facts of the case, but lies (Commits Perjury) about the testimony they are giving, so that the “facts” fit the Case. And that is the meaning of the word “TESTILIE.” And this is not the exception, But the Rule. Obviously, Commissioner Kelly or Mayor Bloomberg don’t feel that this is worth Investigating, as it would Jeopardize Present and Past Court Cases, which would then end up as Retrials or outright Dismissals.

So by not investigating the Act of TESTILYING, The NYPD continues the Status Quo and will continue to engage in this Illegal Practice, among others.


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