I saw the Medals Board the other day and mcdonald’s was the Main Sponsor. 

The Olympics stands for The Best and Healthiest Athletes in the World, and mcdonald’s stands for the Worse and Unhealthiest diet in the World.

Talking about Selling Out. That is what th Olympic Committee did when they signed mcdonald’s up as a Main Sponser. I couldn’t think of a better example of Contradiction than what the Olympics and mcdonalds stands for. It is a DISGRACE!!!!

I guess Money talks and Health Walks. Too bad that the kids of the World will watch the olympics which stands for Health and staying fit, and will now associate mcdonalds with the same Standards as The Olympics. mcdonalds knew exactly what they were doing when they threw their money at the Olympic Committee for Sponsorship.

Mcdonalds has been the Major Contributor to the Poor health of the People of the World. They started selling their Poison in the United States, and then continued their Destructive ways Worldwide. So it is Fitting that they Sponser The Olympics so their Worldwide Agenda of Poisoning the People of the World can Continue.

A Real Shame!!!!! and a Poor Example for our Children to Associate mcdonalds with Health………. Unbelievable!!!!

mcdonalds sponsoring The Winter Olympics is akin to the Tobacco Companies Sponsoring Asthma Medications.

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  1. Irene Says:

    RIGHT ON!!! I have been complaining about this for a while now.
    How can we ask our children to eat healthy and train to be the best, when they see advertisements from mcdonalds?
    I would really love to take a poll and see exactly how many of the athletes in the Olympics actually eat that food?
    One of the athletes made a comment that made me proud. When asked what she did to prepare for the Olympics and she said that she ate only organic food.
    When will the committee stop selling out and start getting sponsors that are not slowly killing people with unhealthy foods? Better yet, when will the people start seeing how all of the “fast food” is slowly killing us?
    What a horrid statement to make to the children: eat at mcdonalds and you too can be an Olympian. That is just plain wrong to say the least!

    • transparnc Says:

      Thank you for your reply.
      Very well said.
      Since Michelle Obama is on an Anti Obesity Campaign, you would think she would speak out about this Topic. But that would not be Politically Correct. So I guess she too is Hypocritical, just like The Olympics and NBC!

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