Tiger woods held his BOGUS Press Conference today!!!!

He wanted us to know that  >>

1) he was sorry for his indiscretions

2)  he was Buddhist but that he strayed from his Buddhist ways the past few years, which led him on the wrong path

3) his wife, Elin “The Slammer” Nordegren did not hit or attack him on that Thursday Night

4) he will never answer any questions from the Media regarding his Cheating, as that is between him and his Family

5) he wants to return to golf, but doesn’t know when he will return to playing golf again


1) You’re not sorry to the Public about your Cheating Ways. I think you don’t think it is any of their Damn Business!!!

2) Who gives a Shit about your Buddhist Ways???? You didn’t, so neither do we!!!

3) Your Wife did beat the Crap out of you that Thursday Night when you were running for your life to get out of your Fucking House and away from the Slammer, getting into your SUV, smashing into a Tree after “The Slammer” bashed you and your Windows with your Own Golf Clubs. That’s one of the reasons you weren’t seen in Public for a while. The Tiger had to lick his Wounds. And if you had let the Cops into yor House, they would have arrested your Wife for Domestic Violence, you lying sack of Shit!!!

4) Still your same Arrogant Self, only answering questions from the media that you want to answer. Well, we’ll see how that plays out.

5) you know exactly what will be the Catalyst for you playing golf again. And that is what the Public Feedback is about your Bullshit Rehearsed Speech today!!! And de[pending on that, will dictate your return To Golf!!!

BTW, your Hugging your Mother at the end of your Rehearsed Speech was Very Touching. The Final Rehearsed Part of your Bullshit Speech!!! Nice the way the Camera Cut to your Mother & you for the last 8 minutes of your Bogus Speech.

Every Fucking part of this Speech was Rehearsed, and you probably paid a PR Firm Tons of Money for their Guidance. But Not Nearly as much Money as You Paid Your Wife to make Believe that she will be Staying with you!!!

Hey Tiger, If you love Golf so Much, why don’t you Quit the PGA Tour and go play in a Public Park for the Rest of your Life????

Oh, I see, it must not be just for the Love of Golf that you Play, BUT it must have something to do with The Hundreds Of Millions of Dollars you earn!!!!!

Tiger “The Buddha” Woods, you are One Big Full Of Shit Kinda Guy!!!!

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