I heard of Justin Bieber and all the Hooplah surrounding this kid..how popular he is and what a performer, and how all the girls love this guy. I came across QVC and heard he was going to Perform, to sell his New CD’s……….. I figured let me listen to this guy and see what all the Praise is all about.

I listened to one of his songs named My World or something like that. About a Minute into it, I said to myself, “This kid can’t carry a tune.” He was off key, etc,” and the song sounded like just a Kid with a little Talent singing. I listened to part of his second song, and again, this Kid couldn’t carry a Tune. Granted he was not the worst I ever heard, but he sounded like just a kid who had a little talent, but Nothing that Warrants the Money & Praise he gets. Granted he appears to be able to play the Guitar, but I don’t know if he is just playing easy cords or not. But one thing is for sure, This kid Can’t carry a Tune. And most likely got a Contract only because the girls go crazy for him.

I know the kid is just a kid, But I don’t see the Talent except that he appeals to the girls who buy his CD’s which make him and his Record Label Money…..And that’s what it’s all about……the $$$$Money$$$$.

With that being said, the kid can’t hold a tune worth a shit….and I dare anyone to say differently……………..

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