There was an episode on TV earlier named Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

One of the actors portrayed an Army Veteran home from Iraq. I took notice and saw that he was wearing  The Big Red 1 shoulder patch on his right sleeve. There is a Division in the United States Army named the 1st Infantry Division. This Army Division has been around since 1916 and it’s Soldiers are some of the finest in the World, and have fought in some of the Fiercest Battles on the Face of this Earth.

The Actor was also wearing a Reverse US Flag patch on his Left sleeve which is incorrect. The Flag should not be a Reverse Flag if worn on the Left sleeve. The US Flag symbolizes Retreat when worn this way. A Reverse Flag is only to be Worn on the Right sleeve.

What is strange is that reverse US Flag patches have to be ordered specifically, while the Normal facing US Flag patch is usually the norm. Someone must have ordered a reverse US Flag patch to be worn on the Right shoulder, but someone decided to put The Big Red 1 shoulder patch on the right shoulder and put the reverse US Flag patch on the Left shoulder. Normally, The Big Red 1 shoulder patch is only worn on the Right Shoulder when a Soldier is in Combat, or has been in Combat, and it would be attached 1/8″ under the US Flag Patch on the Right shoulder.  So if the Actor was Portraying a 1st Infantry Soldier who was in Combat, I am pretty sure that The Big Red 1 shoulder patch should have been worn under the reverse US Flag patch on the Right Shoulder, but I may be wrong regarding that. I am certain however, that a reverse US Flag patch is not to be worn on the Left shoulder.

I don’t mean to blow things out of proportion, especially with all that is going on in the World, But if these TV Shows are going to Portray our Brave Soldiers in the United States Military, the Uniforms which are worn should Properly Display the Military Patches.

These shows pay people to make sure that Details such as this are correct, but obviously someone was asleep at the wheel!!

Let’s Pay more Attention to Details such as these….especially when it comes to Portraying our Military Heroes…………

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  1. Seth Says:

    I just saw the same episode. A lot of shows and even movies make the same sort of mistakes but usually you have to look for them. I have been enlisted in the Army for the past 5 years of my life so I tend to notice these things. Same as you I’m not trying to blow things out of proportion but in this particular episode it is absolutely ridiculous. He has no Unit Patch on his left sleeve in which is standard for all soldiers whether deployed or never deployed. The right sleeve is reserved for the Combat Patch which you get depending on who you deploy with and of course the reverse flag should be on this arm. In the show his rank is upside down. His collar is straight up when it should be down. Also his sleeves are rolled up. As for the collar and the sleeves it does tend to happen with some people when off duty. Like you said whoever their military film adviser is needs to find a new career.

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