Obama and Pelosi want to rush the Vote so that others cannot read the 2200 page bill. For if they read the Bill, they would find even more issues with it.
2 issues that I heard on a House of Representative session on C-Span the other day, regarding what would happen if the HCRB were to pass, are the following >>

1) the US Government would have access to the Medical Records of US Citizens. And we all know the Pitfalls of that one!!
2) the US Government would have access to people’s Bank Accounts, because they would have the ability to withdraw funds for mandatory health insurance.
And we all know where that could lead!!
In addition, does anyone hear Big Brother shouting out Loud & Clear!!!!

With the above being said, Pelosi is a nutjob. Her make-up artist should go find him/herself another job…..and not in the make-up business!!
Pelosi looks like she has sticks prodding her eyes open. Half the stuff coming out of her mouth makes no sense at all.
She should go look for another job. Well she will most likely have to go Job Hunting in less than 3 years because her days of being a Mouthpiece for Obama are numbered.

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