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April 20, 2010

Lopez has a new movie coming out. It has been a while since Lopez ‘The Mammal’ Killer has put out a Movie, and too bad it wasn’t longer……………

I urge All to Boycott her new Movie, as this Asshole continues to wear Dead Mammal Skins, and has her own Dead Mammal Skin line to the stars…….. This Asshole does not have a care in the world regarding what these poor little innocent Mink, and other little Mammals go thru so this Asshole can wear their Dead Mammal Skins on her Fat Ass…………

If you care at all about these Little Mammals being tortured so Assholes like Lopez can wear their Dead Skins, please Boycott her Movie, so she doesn’t make one dime. and maybe in the future, her Backers will see that Lopez is nt a Cash Cow, and stop producing her Movies………….I think people are getting sick of Lopez anyway, as she thumbs her Snobby Nose to everyone, and People don’t want to give this Asshole Millionaire their Hard Earned Money, as they could put it to better use……….


Take a LOOK HERE for more info………………..


April 18, 2010

Tiger Woods had that Asshole Commercial Airing on the Golf Channel, ESPN, etc. I mentioned in an earlier Blog that the Commercial was most likely for his wife to see, to gain sympathy. I also said that Elin ‘The Slammer’ Nordegren would not be phased by this Commercial of Wood’s Father speaking to him. I thought that the Commercial was a Manipulation to get The Slammer to Cry, and get her to love him again, and feel sorry for him. I said that it would not work.

Apparently I was wrong regarding one thing and correct regarding another……..

1) Elin Nordegren was very close to Earl, Tiger Wood’s Father. They had an Excellent relationship with each other, and Elin could talk to Earl about anything. It is said that Earl was like a second Father to Elin. It is said that Elin had tears running down her face when she watched the Commercial, because she Missed Earl so much.

2) I was correct that the Commercial was One Big Manipulation on the part of Tiger Wood’s to get his Wife Elin Back, and to hit her right in the Heart, hr Emotional Heart, because he knows that Elin and Earl were very close. And maybe with this commercial, Elin would feel that if EAarl was Alive, he would want the both of them back together as a Family again for the sake of the Marriage and the Children.

If it is True that the Commercial was One Big Manipulation,  Shame on Tiger Woods……………..


April 15, 2010

I have a suggestion regarding what New York City should do with all the Punk/Thugs that shoot innocent Citizens in NYC, which includes Women & Children. SEND THESE MOTHER FUCKERS TO IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN!!!!

These Punk Thugs shoot innocent Victims while they are trying to kill each other. This is happening every fucking day in NYC. These Thug/Punks Wound & Kill innocent children that are sitting ion their Apartments watching Cartoons, and even sleeping, because these Thug/Punks are shooting at each other and don’t care who gets Hurt or Killed. Children are gunned down in front of their Parents. Children are gunned down while walking to school. Children ar4e gunned down while playing in the Park. Children are Gunned down while sleeping in their Beds!!!

All this because these Thug/Punks Don’t give a Rat’s Ass while they Play Bad Guy, and are trying to kill each other.

Send them to Iraq & Afghanistan where the People they would be Shooting at also have Guns, and where they would be Fired upon, and killed themselves. These Thug/Punks would Shit in their Pants because they wouldn’t be shooting at Unarmed Children & Women anymore. These Hoodlums in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten island should all be sent there. It would be Great for NYC,  and WOMEN & CHILDREN would not have to live in Fear anymore. Children could once again play in the Streets, or Walk to School, or sleep in their beds without fear of a thug’s Bullet coming through their Windows and getting killed from a Bullet striking them in their Heads!!!!

How about it NYC, Ship these Thug/Punk Assholes out of Here, and to Iraq & Afghanistan, so that the Innocent and Hardworking People that Live in NYC can live in Peace, without the fear of having a Bullet hit them in the Head!! Mothers can once again Live without fear of their Babies being Killed by a Stray Bullet from one of these Thugs trying to kill another Thug/Punk. These Thug/Punks have No Fear because the other side is not shooting back at them. Give them a Taste of what WAR is Really Like!!!! Ship’em all out of here and let everyone Live in Peace!!!!

Everyone would win. The Crime rate would go down. The Jails would be Emptier. More Children would be alive by the End of the Year. There would be Peace once again in NYC and the Citizens wouldn’t have to Live in Fear!!!!

If you don’t want to send them to Iraq or Afghanistan, put them on an Island, one that is not inhabited, and let them Kill each Other. Why should even One More Innocent Child Die because these Thug/Punks want to Kill each other, and they don’t care if an Innocent Victim gets Killed. Look how many Children are getting Struck by Stray Bullets. look how many Parents Live in Fear in the Housing Projects in Brooklyn in particular. These parents don’t even let their children play outside out of fear of them being Killed by a Bullet. Then when they think their Children are Safe in their Beds, they are not, and Innocent Children are being killed while they Sleep or Watch TV…………….


April 15, 2010

New York State is closing all the OTB’s.  The Off Track Betting Offices will padlock their doors this coming Sunday. It’s about fucking time. Now all of the Poor Souls will have to find another vice to spend their Rent on!!!!Patterson’s last ditch efforts have failed, thankfully……….. No more Off-Track Betting Parlors…NYS & NYC were the worse Bookmakers of them all. They prayed on Citizens whom most could not afford to Gamble.

Now that New York State and New York City has made a Generation of Poor Souls that have Gambling Vices, and have no money to feed their children or pay their rent. Now that NYS & NYC has squeezed the last couple of dollars out of these poor souls, and have made Alcoholics out of them, they are telling them to take a hike. NYS should get free care for these Pour Souls to help them break free of their addictions, Gambling & Alcoholism!!!!

NYS made it so easy for them to practice their vices, for years and years. Now the fun is over, and these poor souls will have nowhere to go, because their Families have abandoned them long ago, with the help from NYS.Thgeir Families have had enough of their Loved Ones Gambling and Drinking the rent money away. NYS helped them to piss away their SI checks, and their hard-earned money. NYS & NYC squeezed the last cents from these Poor Souls, and now they’re kicking them to the Curb!!

NYS & NYC…step up to the plate and help these Poor Souls whose lives you helped to Screw up because of your Greed. You got all of the money you could from these Suckers. You bled them dry. They bet their last cents on the last Horses that they will bet on at the OTB. But I am sure that NYs & NYC will find other Gambling vices for these Suckers to bet their last cents from the Cookie Jar on…..


April 15, 2010

Last I heard, Obama’s Mother-in-Law was living in the White House, getting free room & board, along with maid service, a chef, Secret Service protection and the rest of the Perks that comes along with calling the White House your home.

Just wondering as she has not been in the news lately……………….


April 15, 2010

Obama has forbidden the US Government from using the following phrases >>

Islamic Terrorism
War on Terror

In effect, Obama wants Us to forget about the War on Terror. By forbidding US Government officials from using these phrases, We, The People, will not hear them as much, and then in turn, The War on Terror will begin to fade from our minds. Out of sight, out of mind, as the phrase goes. This is a Systematic Agenda that Obama has for the country, and I hope his plan does not follow through.

Use these phrases and phrases and words like them as much as you can, and don’t get lax about what we are going through. If we stop hearing and using these words, and words like them, we will start to forget about The War on Terror, and about our Brave Heroes that are fighting and Dying in Iraq & Afghanistan!!!

These Phrases above ALL exist, No matter what Obama’s propaganda agenda is.
Obama weakens us by this edict, because it is easier to forget about the War on Terror, if the POTUS starts striking words from the vocabulary. This Country will start to get lax, and the TERRORISTS will have an even easier job.
NYC, The US Government, and the Clinton Administration got lax after the 1993 Bombing, which lead up to 2001.
If Obama has his way, we will all get Lax again,
Don’t let Obama influence the Words and Phrases you can and cannot use, or can and cannot hear, especially when it comes to The War on Terror, inflicted upon us by The Islamic Terrorists, who have called for a Jihad against The United States of America!!!!

By Obama and his Administration not using these phrases, helps to lessen the impact that The War on Terror has on The United States of America, and in turn, We will start to forget, as it is very easy to do that now, as The 1993 attack has shown. The United States has a Short Memory, and We don’t need any help Forgetting. We cannot forget and should not forget. We should be reminded of the War on Terror Every Day so it will be Harder to Forget!! So keep on using these phrases, and hopefully The Media will keep on using them also.


April 14, 2010

Does the fact that Obama is Black, affect how other Countries view President Obama?

I will be speaking about China & Russia in particular. I think Blacks account for .01% of the population in Russia, and the percentage is much less in China. While the USA has been progressive in the election of our first black President, the USA is still a very racially prejudiced Country. How do you think Russia & China view Blacks, especially a Black President? From what I have read, China is a Very Prejudiced Country, and has a Very Dim View on Blacks. I don’t think Russia is as bad as China, but it is pretty bad also. This has to affect the way that the Leaders of these 2 countries feel about Obama, and how it affects their decision making, even though Obama is POTUS.

In front of the Cameras, the 2 Leaders are very careful how they act with Obama, and don’t let their Prejudices show through, but behind closed doors, they must despise the guy. Just remember that Harry Reid made some racist remarks about Obama, and I have to believe that Russia & China say things that are a Million times worse. I don’t believe that these 2 Countries are progressive in their attitudes towards Blacks, and it has to affect their opinions about Obama, and their decisions regarding World Issues.

As I said, China as a Country, looks down, way down on blacks. Remember that the USA is a very Racial Country, so imagine how China & Russia are. And just look at the Demographics. The fact that there are so little blacks in these 2 Countries should be a hint of the their attitude towards blacks, and how the Leaders of these 2 Countries will let it affect their decision making regarding World Issues.

This is about only 2 countries, Russia & China, because they are the other 2 World powers besides The USA. There are other countries besides these 2, that may have similar views. The European countries are pretty Progressive, more so than The USA, and have a very positive view about Obama. It is too bad that the other World powers most likely don’t share a similar view………………