See here regarding the Navy Seals accused of giving the number 2 Al Queda Asshole a bloody lip…………..

Navy Seals Face Court Martial for Alleged Terrorist Bloody Lip?

Are you fucking kidding me?????!!!???!!!???

Talk about political correctness out of Control!!!!!

This is No Doubt being ok’d by Obama because he has an Agenda of Apologizing to the World regarding his perceived poor behavior of the USA against other Countries…..Do me a Favor Obama, don’t apologize on my behalf. The USA has done nothing wrong, and actually comes to the Aid of Other Countries in their times of need.

If you were a True POTUS, you would tell the Military not to Court Martial the Navy Seals who are True Heros………….These Seals shoud be given a Medal!!!! These guys and the rest of our Military Risk their lives every fucking day, and now because of an alleged bloody lip that an Asshole Al Queda Mass murderer said he received, the Seals are going to be Punished??? You gotta be kidding me!!!

Are you going to make every Soldier apologize to our Enemies because of the Misbehavior of a few?? I am surprised that a Majority of our Hero Soldiers haven’t left the Military in Protest. And yes Obama, you are correct. The United States of America should be ashamed. But not for mistreating other countries, but because of how we mistreat our Military!!

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