Bloomberg was going to layoff 3000 Cops but now he says he will not due to the Rise in crime in NYC. With the recent Easter Night Rampage in Times Square where many people were shot in the face and leg, to the recent Hate Crimes involving Mexicans and Chinese that are being attacked by NYC Punk/Thugs, Bloomberg says he doesn’t want crime to be like it was in the 80’s (That was the era when When David Dinkins was Mayor of NYC, and there were 2000 Murders committed.)

With all this crime is occurring without the Layoffs,  I wonder what will be different now that 3000 cops will get to keep their jobs. Btw, The NYPD knew that these Easter Crime Sprees have been occurring for the past 5 years, so I wonder why the NYPD couldn’t avoid the Rampage this Year??? They knew it was coming, so why was it not avoided?? Maybe the People that got shot have a good Lawsuit against the City for failing to protect them.

I still wonder why theTimes Square Easter Crime Spree was not avoided, since Bloomberg and The NYPD knew that it was most likely to occur. And I wonder how the NYPD is going to protect us from a Terrorist Attack, if they can’t even protect us from a group of 300 Wilding Thug/Punks on Easter that they Knew ahead of time were going to Attack the innocent Citizens of NYC!!!! This Wilding Crap has been going on for the past 5 Years!!!!

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