An innocent Mexican Man was hunted down by 3 punk assholes, and was beaten half to death with Baseball Bats.

Innocent Chinese Women were hunted down by Asshole Thugs, and Attacked. The Punks were as young as 12.

Send these punks to jail for a long, long time. It is a shame, but the Attackers in both these case were Black. I don’t know what is going on in NYC,  But it is not good.

First it’s Gays, then Mexicans, then Chinese, then Blacks, then Jews, etc…no one is safe in NYC.

Don’t listen to the Politicians telling you that these are Isolated Incidents. That is simply Not True. The politicians have to say that because they need the Tourism Dollars. If word got out that these Hate Crimes were a Widespread issue, Tourism would be severely disrupted, and NYC would lose badly needed dollars.

Just the other day, hundreds or punk teens ran through Times Square in the Heart of NYC, and attacked many innocent people just walking and minding their own business. Three of these innocent victims were shot in the face and the leg by these hoodlum Punks. The Majority of the Attackers were Black, so these Crimes may also be classified as Hate Crimes. But I doubt it, because the NYPD tries their best not to Classify Crimes as Hate Crimes as it is Bad for Crime Stats and Tourism.

So be careful out there on the streets of NYC as it is a dangerous place, and to the Tourists, don’t believe how safe NYC is because it isn’t………….The recent crimes you have been reading about should tell you that. Don’t believe the Propaganda, and don’t believe that these are Isolated incidents because they are not.

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  1. Oh my Gods. I never thought NYC would be as bad as Chicago…

    Keep me posted, and put this stuff up on Youtube.

    And post pictures on your blog. Become a detective! James Bond 00Blog!!

    • transparnc Says:

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂
      How is the Hate Crime rate and crime rate in general in Chicago?
      NYC always plays with the statistics regarding the Crime Rate for the reasons I previously mentioned.They manipulate the Stats to fit their Agendas. Nothing new, and I’m sure all big Cities do it. It’s just that many Tourists come to visit The Big Apple, and they should not just rely on what NYC Politicians are saying, but do research themselves regarding the Crime in NYC.
      For instance, many Tourists probably don’t realize that they should not enter Central Park late at night. We the citizens of NYC know this, but I would hate to see Tourists taking a stroll through Central Park after dark. Not a smart thing to do. During the day would be ok, But DEFINITELY NOT AFTER DARK!!!

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