We all know that Governor Patterson is a Loon, except for the Black Leaders of NYC that had that special meeting a while ago of whether to ask for patterson’s removal or not……..They voted to let the loon finish out his term. Why, who knows??

Now the Lunatic Patterson wants to close ALL New York State National Parks to save 11 million dollars. The US Government told Patterson that if he closes the parks, NYS will lose 100’s of millions of dollars.

Patterson is a Lunatic, and it is quite true that the Lunatics are in charge of the Asylum………..But many of Patterson’s Inner Circle have resigned, mainly because they wanted to leave before they were investigated, in order to keep their pensions……..

Let patterson finish out his term, and completely destroy New York State, or Impeach the Asshole to give NYS a chance before it’s too late. If there was eve reasons to Impeach a Governor of any State, patterson fits the bill. But I guess the Double Standard is in Place in his case, which is the reason he is still in office, and being protected by the Black leaders.

So New York State has a Lunatic Governor running it, and New York City has their King Bloomberg running it. New York State and New York City are in some real good hands………yeah, right!!

Cuomo should be allowed to continue his Investigation, but appears to have been stifled due to his possible candidacy as Governor. The person who took over is Lagging her Ass, no doubt a Pawn by the Powers that be who are behind Patterson………

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