Wood’s cock hasn’t been in it’s pants for this long in a long time. Tiger’s prick is itching to get out and into some pussy. Either that or into a good set of Choppers!!!!

Wood’s game is suffering slightly, no doubt due to receiving a Phone Call from his wife, Nordegren wishing him the worst of luck!!!

Plus Wood’s Willy needs some action. What is a Fucker to do. No Putang from his wife, No Putang from his Putas. No Putang anywhere in sight. If his wife doesn’t start giving him some soon, Woods will sticking his Woody into someone’s something sometime soon….. He should speak to Bill Clinton and ask what Bubba does when his wife Hillary doesn’t give him any, which may be going on  for a few years now!!!

Btw, I doubt that Elin ‘The Slammer’ will be letting Woods stick his Woody into her anytime soon.  Make that NEVER!!!!!

She will be collecting a Check very soon, and that will be the end of that!!! The Swede must be some cold bitch though, which is most likely one of the reasons Woods was Boinking so many Broads. Elin must have been  closed for Business for months, if not, years!!! Her goal was to have a couple of babies with Woods and get paid. When Woods finally realized this, he probably went Fucking everything in sight to get back at her. And believe me, The Slammer had to have an idea Woods was Fucking other Broads. She looks like a perceptive woman that had to know about Woods fucking around. Especially a wife, even if in denial. The smell of another woman, the fact that she probably wasn’t fucking Woods for a while, and knew he would be searching elsewhere…

Good riddance to both of these Clowns!!!! Too bad for the Kids though, as they will be the ones to suffer. Who gives a Fuck about a couple of HundredMillionAires!!!

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