This Asshole NYPD Cop, Captain Barry Gelbman had 3 horses put down because they couldn’t make the long trip in a Horse Truck, due to Sores on their Legs. Sores!!!!!……………so this asshole Cop has the Horses Killed. The representative from the ASPCA stood there in Horror while this piece of Shit Cop gave the Order to have these Horses Killed. All because of a Sore. In time, the sores would have healed. The horses had a Good 10 years of life left. But what does this asshole cop due to thank these Horses for their Service to the NYPD serving Assholes like Captain Barry Gelbman? He has them Killed………

He could have given them time to heal and then transport them. He could have adopted them out. But no, this piece of shit has them Killed…This cop should be brought up on charges…………..

If this Asshole has a Family, and maybe they have Pets, I hope they are ripping this Punk a new Asshole!!!!

This is an NYPD Cop who has no problem issuing orders that cause the Death of Living Creatures. He can give an Order  that involves the  killing of Innocent people just as easily as he gave this Order. The NYPD should consult their Shrinks to see the Whole Picture of what this Event Really Means!!! If this Cop gives an Order that Kills Innocent Citizens, The NYPD and the City will have a huge lawsuit on their Hands, besides blood which they could have avoided.

This cop, Captain Barry Gelbman most likely suffers from Penis Envy, due to the Horses being more of a Man than Captain Gelbman. Gelbman most likely never made a Bad Guy Collar in his life, and the majority of his arrests were probably of people pissing in the streets, or drinking a Beer out of a brown bag. So he figures it is time to show the NYPD what a Man he is, by giving the Order to Kill Innocent Horses for No Fucking Reason!!!!

This idiot, who is Head of the NYPD’s Mounted Unit, thinks he is God, who can dish out Death Warrants to the Horses that serve his unit, when there is Absolutley no need for it. This is a Cop that we want on the Streets to serve the Citizens of NYC? We all know what type of people get off on killing innocent animals, don’t we? These are people who end up Torturing Animals, Killing Animals, Torturing People and Killing People. It is a Proven fact. The fact that this Asshole does it behind a Badge and a Gun, does not change the fact that this Guy has Sadistic Tendencies, and should be checked out by the Shrinks in the NYPD, and most likely bounced from the Force, if it is Found that Captain Barry Gelbman is Not Fit for Duty!!! This Cop’s record should also be checked, to see if there are any complaints, or any other issues that should be investigated.

This Cop, Captain Barry Gelbman is a Bad Cop, and this incident is most likely just the tip of the Iceberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a News Conference the other day regarding his contributions to Animal Care & Control Bureau of NYC and his helping out Animals in need. NYC is a Leader when it comes to the Care of its Beloved Pets, and the Law Enforcement regarding Animal Cruelty. Bloomberg should look at what Captain Barry Gelbmnan did and do something about it. But that is Doubtful, since Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly are Buddy, Buddy.

Captain Barry Gelbman should be investigated, and this incident should not be let go.

PETA should get involved, as well as The ASPCA, regarding investigations into this matter, and to put pressure on NYC to start their own Investigation…………

RIP to these 3 Fine Horses Who Served Well, and Died too Soon……………………….

I see that this Asshole Cop has been called on the carpet by NYPD Brass. I hope an Early Retirement is Forthcoming for this PunkAss Cop who Kills Other living Creatures for No Reason!!!! And who SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO CARRY A GUN!!!! AS HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT!!!! In addition, I hope he Faces Charges of Animal Cruelty before he is Dismissed from the Force.

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  1. Judy Mclean Says:

    Well said, I agree 100% with you. Another article states what poor condition these horses were in…yet a video states how well they are taken care of. WTF. Gelbman, you suck!

  2. DMG Says:

    Your opinion is not based on fact. Why do you take a story in the NY Post as fact? These horses did not have simple abscesses. One horse’s leg was so damaged and atrophied that it no longer made contact with the ground and the poor thing had to lean on the wall to hold himself up. The second had severe founder and could no longer stand up to even eat, losing so much weight that his ribs were showing. The third had irreversible painful laminitis and could only hop a little to move, suffering great pain with each step. A licensed veterinarian with years of experience recommended that the horses be euthanized becuase there was no likelihood of improvement, and to prolong the ineveitable would only cause unnecessary suffering of the horses. Extended travel and relocation would only cause further damage and suffering. Euthanasia was a final measure of kindness to these beloved horses. The Captain made an unpleasant decision, but it was the right and humane one. Anyone who knows horses understands that their ability to move is essential to their quality of life. The problem here is that human emotions get in the way of comprehending a rational and ethical decision.

    Here are some facts:
    -Another horse with a respiratory ailment was left at the farm to recover. He is still there recovering.
    -27 other horses were transported safe and sound to other retirement farms.
    -The money was budgeted for all 30 horses to be moved. The NYPD had no concerns about money.
    -Horses cannot be laid up in beds like people. Their digestive system fails if they remain recumbant for an extended period of time. They must move. Their ability to move is essential to their quality of life.
    -Horses suffer in silence. They do not scream or cry like other animals. They have a tremendous tolerance for pain. The veterinarian must rely upon the physical appearance of the horse to determine whether euthanasia is called for.

    Consider if you had a dog, and he was sick or injured with no cure. Would you demand that he remain alive to suffer on? Dogs cry and yelp, so you would be able to hear his agony constantly. Or would you have mercy and put him down, painlessly and instantly? Rational people make this type of decision all the time, yet they are not subject to character assasination and threats. Captain Gelbman made a similar decision. It was a humane decision, with only the interest of the horses considered.
    Some of the things people are saying about Captain Gelbman are completely outrageous and irrational. This blog is the most extreme of them all. You owe this man an apology.

    • transparnc Says:

      To DMG,
      If I made an error regarding the facts, and therefore my opinion of Captain Gelbman, I will be the first to apologize, and set the record straight. I can only go by what I read and hear.
      I would like to ask where you received your information, as I do not know if your response is just a fabricated defense of Captain Gelbman, or a reply based on Fact.
      I understand the concept of euthanasia all too well as I have had the displeasure to administer a lethal dose to my own dying beloved friend, a feline friend I have had the pleasure to share my life with for 14 years. I would not let the Veterinarian administer the lethal dose though, as if my friend would have to die, I would be the one to push the plunger, which I did, while he lay in my lap, after The Veterinarian attached the syringe with the lethal mixture into the existing shunt.
      As I said, if what you say is true, I will be the first to set the record straight, and offer my apologies. But as of now, I have posted what have read and heard. If your information is of an accurate nature, I will post a retraction.
      Thank you for your reply and look forward to hearing from you.

  3. transparnc Says:

    Whatever happened to this cop Gelbman?? In the paper ‘today,’ out of the paper tomorrow??
    If this Cop Killed these horses unnecessarily, why is this out of the news?? Did Bloomberg put a Muzzle on this story also??

  4. transparnc Says:

    To DMG

    It’s not like the Cops never cover things up, or coerce others to do the same. Nah, Not the NYPD………..Say it ain’t so……

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