Last I heard, Obama’s Mother-in-Law was living in the White House, getting free room & board, along with maid service, a chef, Secret Service protection and the rest of the Perks that comes along with calling the White House your home.

Just wondering as she has not been in the news lately……………….

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  1. Ben Says:

    yes, there must be something bad going on. I’m sure she’s collaborating with Jeremiah White or something…

    Nothing good can come out of having grandma mind the children…

    • transparnc Says:

      Another Obamacrat excuse. I have an idea, you foot the whole bill.
      I have an idea, let the Obamas foot the bill.
      Is there anything your Messiah can do that you wouldn’t give an automatic Yahooey for??
      As I said, time will tell, yes, time will tell.
      As I wrote over a year ago, even when Obama fucks up, the Obamabots will blame Bush. Obama can’t lose in the eyes of his Concubines!!

  2. Ben Says:

    You must be all for Family values… yup. Sounds like it!

    You never answered my question directly about where you get your news from, but when you use words like “Messiah”… My question is answered. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and several other angry, childish kooks spewing their hatred into the airwaves.

    • transparnc Says:

      I have never watched those shows as I do not get those channels. I formulated my opinions on my own, and by listening to many News Programs on both sides of the Coin. Including listening to C-Span. Unlike some people, I don’t go with the Flow if it doesn’t make sense. You may want to try what thinking on one’s own is like, without the Obama Mantra ringing through your head all day long.
      But how ’bout you, why don’t you pay for the caring of Obama’s Momma-in-Law, since you care so Greatly for Family Values. Obama got more than enough money to get his Momma-in-Law a House, without burdening the Public.
      The Kids already get the best Schooling and Health Benefits and all the rest. But then again. I forgot to whom I am addressing………………….
      Like I said, We shall see in Nivember and in 2012, when trhere is a much needed House Cleaning…….

  3. Ben Says:

    well… I hear Obama referred to as “The Messiah” only by Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, and now you… You don’t listen to them huh? You espouse the same invalid and corrupt ideas and use the same verbiage.

    I wonder if you’ll complain about the dog too…

  4. transparnc Says:

    Keep repeating your Mantras.
    Btw, I like Animals. Nothing wrong with the Dog. It’s very cute.
    Many Presidents have Dogs. I don’t think many keep their Mother-in-law in the WH though.
    Btw, time has passed since we last spoke, and I guess my predictions are coming true, and your Fantasies are falling apart at the seams.
    November can’t come quick enough, and neither can 2012.
    Then there won’t e any discussions about Obama and family, because he will be Tossed by The People, of whom some have awoken from their Comas.
    So enjoy your Obama while he is still POTUS.
    Hey, after his Presidency has ended, you can always cough up Big $$ to see him speak, as I am sure he will be commanding much money, so you and others with your Holier than Thou opinions of him can continue to listen to him spew his BS.
    Maybe even Wright will come out of Hiding (where did they squirrel him away to, and how much money was he paid to enjoy himself on some Island somewhere?)

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