Today there are many Protests by Pro Illegal Immigrant Groups to make Illegal Immigrants Legal!!!! WHY?? They are in the USA ILLEGALLY, THEIR CHOICE, NOW IT’S TIME THAT THEIR FREE RIDE WAS OVER!!!!

Arizona has the right idea. They are being Swamped with Illegals that are taking up Resources, including Jobs from Legal Citizens. So the only way to take care of the Problem is to ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS!!! What’s wrong with that. The Pro Illegal Immigrant Groups say these ILLEGALS should be allowed to stay because they are here so long!!!!! I say it’s TOO LONG!!!

Regarding today’s Protests, I say that if any ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS show up to the Protests, they should be Arrested. If Bail Jumpers showed up to Protest Warrants, they would be Arrested, so why not Illegal Immigrants????

Most of these Illegal Immigrants come over to the USA to have a Baby, because that baby would now be a US Citizen, but the Parents would still not be. The Parents know that the USA would not Deport the Parents, and separate the Parents from their Baby. BUT that was then, and Now is Now!!!! Now the USA will deport the Parents, who would obviously bring their Babies with them. It is not the US’s fault that they would be separating Families. It is the FAULT of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who decided to commit the Illegal Act by coming here to have a Baby, thinking they (the Parents) would have a Free Ride, or Free Ticket to the USA. Well that will not be anymore…………

If you are here ILLEGALLY, you are Illegal, and are breaking the Law………What is so difficult to Understand???? The Protesters say that Illegal Immigrants have a right to be Here…………..????????? Whatever sense that makes……..

With Terrorism on the Rise, Illegal Immigrant’s Rights are the Last thing we should be wasting time with………….

Arizona, stand your ground, and don’t give in to the Protesters!!!!!!!! Hopefully, other States will follow………

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  1. Ben Says:

    Why attack the result of bad policy? It’s no different than Prohibition back in the day. People wanted alcohol and all the attempts to deal with the crime failed. We make law after law and arrest hundreds of thousands for just smoking pot, yet we can’t stop it or even stem the use because people want it!

    All we need to do is go after the people that hire the undocumented. Then they’ll be forced to hire our own citizens and the undocumented will have no reason to come.

    Instead we keep chipping away at our great Constitution and losing our rights. Maybe you’re not affected by Arizona’s law, but I most certainly would be if I visited the state since I am a Latino. Forget about the fact that I am a citizen of this nation, born and raised and proud of it!

    Now, just because my skin is darker, I have to produce evidence of my birthright… I wonder if you would support this new law if you were affected by it that way, but I stand corrected if my assumption that you aren’t affected is wrong…

  2. transparnc Says:

    I am pretty dark skinned with the suntan and all. No doubt I would get stopped 😦
    They are doing it all over, in NYC on the Subways, in NYC on the streets, people are getting stopped in Stop & Frisk. The number of Citizens Stopped & Frisked in 2009 were approx. 585,000 which is Horrendous. And most of thee people are Citizens!
    I don’t agree with the Stomping of Individuals Rights by Law Enforcement, which has been getting VERY AGGRESSIVE in the past few years. With that being said though, if you are an Illegal Immigrant, You are NOT Legal, and if States want to Enforce Laws that are already on the Books, they have a Right to do so. I don’t live in Arizona, but if I did, I would be Totally for Enforcing the Laws already on the Books, to get these Illegals out of there.
    I just heard that there are 700,000 Illegal Immigrants that are Crossing Arizona’s Borders each year, more than any other State in the Union. It is a Huge problem there. An Arizona Sheriff just got shot yesterday trying to stop Illegal Immigrants that were Smuggling Drugs.
    Arizona has to do something, and they Are doing it finally. Good for them.

  3. Karen Says:

    We own a second home in Arizona. My husband his dark hair & eyes along with a dark suntan & has been actually mistaken for a latino by a latino. He will gladly provide any ID Arizona asks for with pleasure!! We have personally witnessed friends lose large drywall & painting businesses in Aspen Co due to Illegal Immagrants undercutting their rates. Many women in our area also traveled to Aspen daily to perform maid work etc. for a reasonable wage, this also ended with the Illegal Immigrants. Illegals DO NOT ONLY TAKE THE JOBS US CITIZENS AREN’T WILLING TO DO!!!!
    We unknowingly employed 13 of them a few years ago for 20.00 an hour, until a clerical person realized they all had the same fingerprint. This was after the police were involved because of thefts of paychecks in the amount of 5000.00. Our loss. We had previous problems with them placing gang #’s on their hardhats. fighting at work & stealing anything that was not tied down. Our local businesses were getting broken into daily & I can’t swear to it but???

    • transparnc Says:

      Thank you for your first hand insight into the terrible situation that exists throughout Arizona, and in other States.
      While others have suggestions regarding other solutions than the steps Arizona has taken, the direction Arizona has taken is a Direct one, which will help to resolve the issue of Illegal Immigrants quicker than any other offered solutions. It will take time to help rid Arizona of the Illegal Immigrants, but the Clock has begun ticking, and the Illegals know this.
      The Illegals are relying that Arizona will give into the pressure they are receiving to reverse their decision, but I feel that Arizona will hold their ground, and the Illegal Immigrant problem will start to lessen.
      Also for every Illegal Immigrant that Arizona will deport, maybe 100 others will leave on their own out of fear that ICE and other LE Agencies will be knocking on their doors soon, or that there secrets will be made known to LE, and in addition, many Illegals will know that Arizona is no longer a State where they can get away with their Illegal Acts…………..
      In NYC, after 9/11, Immigration was cracking down on the Arab neighborhoods and deporting 1000’s of illegals, and whose Visas had expired. This action was widespread, but not Publicly acknowledged until 2 years later, because of Political Correctness. I guess LE feared that if they made these Actions public, that the ACLU would get involved, and try to put a stop to the Actions being taken.
      At the time, for every knock on 1 door by LE, 100 other Illegals or possible Terrorists left the USA on their own. The same will most likely happen in Arizona, and that is what Law Enforcement is relying on.
      Stay safe, and thanks again for your input.

  4. Ben Says:

    yes, I know it’s a serious problem, but you totally ignore the solution. Just go after the people and companies that hire them. No work, no need to come here.

    problem solved with an existing and constitutional law…

  5. Ben Says:

    “An Arizona Sheriff just got shot yesterday trying to stop Illegal Immigrants that were Smuggling Drugs.”

    An easy end to that unfortunate problem is to legalize it. That will end smuggling overnight and would help tremendously with the budget deficit.

  6. Trotsky Says:

    The reasonable suspicion clause violates the Bill of Rights. Which applies within all areas of US jurisdiction. One Violation in the past does not justify another.

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