Police Commissioner Kelly of NYC just gave a very informative News Conference. He was very cordial, and let the Press ask whatever they wanted, even though some of the Press asked the same questions 2-3 different times. Kelly answered any and all questions, even if he had to answer the same questions over and over again. The Press obviously ran out of questions to ask, which means Kelly was very thorough. The NYPD is doing what they do best, which is The Investigation. There are many clues for which they can investigate, due to the many surveillance cameras in NYC, in addition to the Videos taken by the people who were in Times Square, including the Tourist that may have captured the Terrorist Punk in a video he took. NYPD Investigators are en route to PA to look at the Video. They already have a description of what may turn out to be the Asshole Terrorist, which is a White Male in his 40’s that is seen in the alley right where the car was, taking off one shirt and putting on another. No doubt the investigators will be comparing the Video to the Surveillance Tape they have to see if they are looking at the same person.

Hopefully the NYPD is checking for any kind of Explosive Devices all over the City, including the Subways. Tomorrow is Monday, the beginning of a very busy work week. Since there was a Car Bomb in Times Square, it would make sense to check the Times Square Train Station, in addition to other Subway Stations. We all know how these Asshole Terrorists like to Fuck with us after they deploy their Destructive Attacks. For instance 9/11 also means 911 for Emergency Services, etc.The Times Square Car Bomb may have been a diversion, or a hint of things to come. But more than likely it was a Bumbling Terrorist who luckily failed at what he set out to do.

Hopefully, the NYPD is taking advantage of this quiet Sunday, and checking all over the City for any Destructive Devices that the Asshole Terrorists may have planted, in addition to the Times Square Car Bomb….

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