Even though the NYPD, FDNY, and all Emergency Responders did a Great Job of Clearing Times Square and moving people a Safe Distance away from the Bomb Area, the only reason the Bomb didn’t detonate was because the Bomber (s) fucked up, Lucky for Us!!!!  I say this because the Street Vendor saw smoke coming from the Car, and alerted the Cop on a Horse, who alerted the rest of the NYPD, who then alerted the FDNY, the Bomb Squad who got their Robots in place, and all other appropriate Agencies. There was more than enough time for the Bomb to go off, but it didn’t, most likely to the Bomb being a Dud, or the Terrorists? being inexperienced. Again, Lucky for Us that the Bombers were Idiots. If the Bomb was detected, and access made within seconds or minutes to deactivate the Bomb, that would have been a different story. But because so much time elapsed between the Spotting of the Car Bomb, and access into the Car, I feel we were Lucky that the Bomb didn’t go off. I feel that the Bomb either was Activated by a Timer, Remotely, or the Bomb Auto activated prematurely. The fact is that if there was smoke, there was some sort of Activation, and the time that passed by regarding Law Enforcement accessing the Vehicle, was more than enough time for the Bomb to Detonate. The other Scenario was that the Smoke Bomb was some sort of Test to see the Response of Emergency Services, and that the Bomb was never supposed to Detonate. I feel this is improbable because there were Propane, and Gasoline Containers in the Car, which don’t take much to Detonate, unless there WASN’T any Detonator in the Car to Detonate the Explosives in the Car. Within time, hopefully the NYPD will know all of this, and fill the Public in on what happened.

Everyone says what a Great job the NYPD, etc. They did do a Great Job of being on Scene almost immediately because of the Alert Street Vendor, BUT I feel that even a Greater Job would have been to Spot the Car as it was being Parked, or spotting a Suspicious Idiot (s) leaving the Car Bomb. As we know, that is next to Impossible to Accomplish, and would have to be a Pretty Big Coincidence for a Cop to spot a Bomber leaving the Car Bomb Scene, and being on Location the Moment of Occurrence.  So let’s get real, WE WERE VERY LUCKY THAT THE BOMB DID NOT DETONATE, AND THIS FACT HAD LITTLE TO DO WITH THE GREAT JOB THE NYPD DID!!! This Incident shows us all once again, how Vulnerable we really are to Attack. AND WE ARE VERY LUCKY THAT MOST OF THESE TERRORISTS ARE JUST A BUNCH OF BUMBLING FOOLS!!! BUT there will be a time when one of these ASSHOLE TERRORISTS will achieve with what they set out to do. I hope that day is miles away, so to speak, but I feel it is only a matter of time when one of these Idiots once again succeeds.

It would appear that the Assholes in this instance were inexperienced, and Domestic. If it was a Real Terrorist, they would have driven the Car Bomb right into the Center of Times Square, and Detonated their Car Bomb,. which most likely would have Killed Hundreds of Innocent Men, Women and Children………………

So, We are Lucky that the Airline Shoe Bomber, the Airline Underwear Bomber and now, the Times Square Car Bomber DID NOT SUCCEED. BUT these Unsuccessful Events had NOTHING to do with Vigilance on the part of Law Enforcement, and Everything to do with LUCK>>>>>>>>LUCKY FOR US!!!!!!

Btw, Police Commissioner Kelly was very Informative and responsive to Reporters questions during the News Conference, and afterwards. Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared to be slightly ‘Under the Influence’ of alcohol during the News Conference, as one could tell from his slurring of some words, and also his inability to find some words or facts. You saw Kelly feeding Bloomberg the words or phrases multiple times, as Bloomberg was straining to find them. Bloomberg also seemed his on edge self during questions, which he usually always is anyway.

Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly left the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in a Hurry, to get back to NYC, once they were notified of the Times Square Car Bomb Situation. No Doubt that Bloomberg had a few drinks in him, while Kelly appeared to be right on point. There is nothing wrong with Bloomberg having a couple of drinks at a White House Function. I am just pointing out that it is possible that he was under the influence, as only Kelly and others would know for sure. BUT it does that a Mayor, as well as a Police Commissioner, especially of New York City, ALWAYS have to be on Point, as you never know when a Catastrophe is likely to Occur.

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