New York City does not have the Death Penalty. This ASSHOLE TERRORIST should be tried Federally, so if found guilty of a Crime against The United States of America, maybe like Treason, if this crime falls under that description, he should be put to Death!!! If he had succeeded in Killing hundreds of Innocents, no doubt he would be tried in NYC and serve Life In Prison. Even though no one was killed because the Bomb malfunctioned, is this not considered a crime against The USA? And if so, and found Guilty, would he receive the Death Penalty? This ASS committed his Terrorist Act  in NYC, and no doubt that Bloomberg, the  NYPD, Law Enforcement Officials and NYC would probably like to prosecute him here, but if he would receive the Death Penalty Federally, I say he should be tried Federally…..

All the above is predicated on if this Asshole’s Crime is considered a Federal Crime. If it is an act of Treason, that is a Federal Crime, and Federal Jurisdiction would take precedence over the Crimes committed in NYC. If not Treason, and the Federal Sentence for his Crimes are Harsher than the Sentence he would receive in the Courts of NYC, Try the Asshole Federally!!!

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  1. Frank Says:

    his behaviour is no different – as trying (with the intent to succeed) or succeeding required exactly the same action – therefore he should be trialled asif he was a murderer.

    • transparnc Says:

      I agree that I hope the Law also agrees with that. The only sticking point is that it may be treated as Attempted Murder. But I hope there is a way to classify this Act as TREASON. He is a Naturalized Citizen of The USA, so maybe Treason is an option. All I have to say is that the United States Government better start treating these ASSHOLE ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS with the Strongest Penalties available, and if that is the Death Penalty, so be it.
      Bring the Strongest charges Against this Mother Fucker, and if that has to be under Federal Jurisdiction, than so be it. If you have to Try this Asshole as a War Criminal, so be it. If you have to try him in a Military Court, so be it. Let’s stop treating these Assholes with kid gloves.
      This Asshole should be tried with TREASON, since he is a Citizen of the USA, born in Pakistan, and attempted an act of War against the United States.

  2. Dave Says:

    Of course it’s treason. He’s a U.S. citizen. We’re at war. Executing him would not only be just but would send a message to other potential *ssholes that we take this stuff seriously. The only reason I can think of not to execute him is if he cooperates and helps us find other *ssholes. In which case he should get life in prison.

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