Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is Shameless when it comes to using potential tragedies to try to Force Feed his Anti-Gun Agenda to Congress and anyone else who will listen. Bloomberg doesn’t want Anyone to have guns, as everyone knows. In NYC, the Good Citizens keep on dying from bullets shot from Guns owned by the Bad Guys and Criminals. Criminals DON’T abide by the Laws, so stricter Gun Laws only Hurt Law Abiding Citizens, as they Abide by the Laws. These Anti-Gun Crusades such as the one Bloomberg is on, only Hurt the Law Abiding Citizens. It is Ironic that Bloomberg, who is Protected by Massive Artillery that his Body Guards carry, should want to restrict Law Abiding Citizens from owning Guns. He is on a Crusade to Outlaw the very Guns that Protect him  and other Politicians. I guess our lives and the lives of our Family members are not worth protecting.  Just look at NYC to see how many Law Abiding Citizens have Concealed Carry Permits. The number is approximately 3000. And most of those Permit Owners are Bloomberg’s Buddies, Movie Stars, Singers, Radio Disc Jockeys, etc. Not the Average Law Abiding Citizens.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C was the only one to defend the Right to Bear Arms, and mentioned the fact that some people in the room have an Agenda to eradicate the 2nd Amendment completely. Senator Lieberman said that he was not one of them. We all  knew that Graham was speaking about Bloomberg and Kelly. While not giving guns to people on a Terrorist Watch List is a good and obvious idea, flaws in the Watch List must be fixed first.

The Car Bomb Terrorist was not on a Terrorist Watch List at the time he purchased the Gun legally in Connecticut. Btw, the gun was classified as a Rifle, albeit a small one, which is why he did not have to apply for a Concealed Carry Permit.

Bloomberg even used the Times Square Car Bomb incident to try to push his Congestion Pricing Iniative through. Bloomberg said that if the Congestion Pricing Policy had been put in place, the License Plate Scanners would have caught the Terrorist entering the City…..WRONG, as the license plate was from another car, and would have not been on any watch list. Bloomberg is Shameless, which is why he is known as THE KING OF NYC!!!! Which is the Title you earn when you purchase the Mayor’s Office for $$110 Million Dollars!!!

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