The Chinese prove once again that they are Barbaric Inhumane Assholes. The Chinese Astronauts have spoken recently about eating Dog Meat in Space. The Chinese Astronauts, of which the World is Watching, eat DOG MEAT in Space. You would figure that they would tone that little TidBit down somewhat, and maybe not eat Dog in Space, so as to set a Tone for the World whom is watching.

Contrary to the Barbarians in China, The Dog is a Beloved Mammal to most of the Civilized World. The Dog has saved Many a Human Life, and has Protected us throughout the Ages. There is a reason that The Dog is Man’s Best Friend. The fact that the Chinese are Fucking Barbarians does not change this Fact. In fact, there are many Chinese living in China, whose Beloved Cats & Dogs are taken from them Forcibly, to be made into Food for the Barbaric Chinese who think it Benefits their Health. China is the same Barbaric Country who Collect Rhinoceros Horn, Elephant Tusk, Bear Gall Bladders, etc. and say that these also benefit the Health of Man. These Assholes single handedly are threatening the Lives of these poor Animals, and leading them to Extinction.

There are Very Good Chinese, so I don’t believe all Chinese eat Dog or Threaten to make many Animals Extinct in the Near Future. But it is the Leaders and their Concubines.

China, Once Again, Proving that they are the Barbarians of the World when it comes to HUMAN RIGHTS, AND THE RIGHTS OF MAMMALS!!!!!!!!!!

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