Take a look at the Catastrophe that the NEGLIGENCE of BP has caused >>

BP Oil Spill in the Gulf – Live Cam Feed Now Public

Want to watch a live video feed of the BP Oil Spill from the ocean floor, 5000 feet below the surface? Now you can thanks to Chairman Ed Markey who requested this footage be made available to the public. You can watch the feed here, but the site is really slow since it is being visited by thousands right now. It was originally estimated that 5,000 barrels of oil a day has been leaking from the broken drill pipe. It appears that estimate was low as that much is now being piped up to the ship and you can see they are still missing a fair amount of oil!

BP Oil  Spill

If you watched 60 Minutes last week, you would have seen how Criminal BP was at creating this National, or rather International Catastrophe. BP knew there was a Problem with the the Blow Out Valve Protector, But IGNORED this problem and others. BP should be Dismantled as a Company.

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  1. BP SUX Says:

    Title is right on.

    • transparnc Says:

      Sorry about missing your reply. I just saw it and approved it, and future replies.
      A week or so has passed since my post, and it appears THAT IT HAS has been well founded that BP is just a bunch of Bullshit Artists, and I hope it’s Greedy Executives are brought up on Criminal Charges, regarding their Negligence, due to knowingly being aware of Malfunctions on the Oil Rig, and ignoring these issues while continuing the pumping of the oil, which led to THE LARGEST OIL SPIL CATSTROPHE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!!

      • Yvan Vadnais Says:

        Further spill is to come

        most of it is laying below 3000 feet level ans cant be removed

  2. Yvan Vadnais Says:

    WE have to inpeed those monarchs drunks.

  3. Yvan Vadnais Says:

    Sorry , no criminal charge on BP

  4. Yvan Vadnais Says:

    there is no link to your email, mine is yvadnais@hotmail.com

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