I predict that if another catastrophe occurs regarding a Terrorist Attack or Attempt, by an Islamic Extremist, or if one of these Assholes bypasses United States Security Again, that Janet Napolitano, the Head of Homeland Security, will be forced to resign. So far, she has been able to escape the Axe, so to speak. Lucky for Napolitano, she has a few underlings under her, that she and Obama can ‘Throw Under The Bus’ first, before Napolitano is forced to own up to HER Fuck Ups!!!

She is as Inept as they come. She can’t Handle the Security of our Country, and she can’t handle the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe. It is true that Napolitano is not the only person in charge of our Secutity, but Napolitano is at the Top of the Food Chain, and will eventually be forced to take responsibility for her Ineptness, and Dumbness.

She was given a position, which is the Secretary of Homeland Security, which she knows Nothing about.¬† Her Learning Curve is a Very Steep One, which we don’t have the time for. Napolitano is in way over her head, and it is only a matter of time when Obama will not be able to make any more Excuses for Napolitano, and his Poor Judgemnent regarding appointing Napolitano to a postion of which she is Totally Not Qualified, and Force Napolitano to Resign.

The quicker Napolitano resigns, the Safer the USA will be………….

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