More than likely, Obama will say that an oil spill such as the BP Catastrophe will never happen again. Yeah, right, until the Next Big Oil Fiasco. The same thing was said after the Exxon Valdez Catastrophic Oil Spill, and look what happened. It happened All Over Again!!!

Obama will appear in a n hour or so for his Televised Nation Press Conference letting the Public know how ‘On Top’ of the situation he and his administration have been to bring this Catastrophe to an end. Lucky for Obama that the Plume seems to have been stopped. That is the reason Obama has been waiting to be seen again speaking about the BP Catastrophe again. He needed a Feather in his Cap!!!.

Well, Obama, the problem has just begun. Let’s see how you and BP are going to clean up this Catastrophe.  BP is to blame, but once again Obama has had his mouth piece, Janet Napolitano, speak for him. She is Dumber than Dirt. Every time she opens up her mouth, the Public gets to see  how dumb she really is.

An Administration Official has already resign over The BP Oil Spill Catastrophe…..just a Scape coat. I would like to see Napolitano eventually Resign…………………and take the Credit for the Fuck Ups at the prompting of Obama, instead of dumping her problems on someone else’s doorstep. Lucky for Napolitano that she has a Few Underlings to ‘Throw Under the Bus’ before she eventually has to own up to her Screw Ups.

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