NYC has decided that it is in the Best Interest of Political Correctness for this Monstrosity named an Islamic Mosque to be built on Sacred Ground. These ASSHOLES are out of their Fucking Minds!!!

It is a disgrace that a Mosque will allowed to be built at Ground Zero. Shame on New York, and Shame on the USA.
This BS Political Correctness will eventually allow the Islamic Extremists to continue to carry out their mission of Destructiveness, and eventually succeed with what they have set out to do, which is to destroy the USA.
Sadly, we are Enablers in this process, and allowing the Mosque to be built is just one of the steps the Citizens of the USA, or rather New York City, is lending a hand in our Own Destruction.
Too bad that the rest of the USA cannot step in and stop this Mosque from being built.
Too bad that NYC doesn’t have the people of Arizona to be involved in this issue, for surely the Mosque would never be built.
If this was an election year in NYC, surely King Bloomberg would have voiced a different opinion. The Community Board, as well as the other PC Politicians are completely out of their minds for allowing this mosque to be built.

I have an idea……why don’t we build a Japanese Shrine on Top of the Arizona in Pearl Harbor!!!!!

It is Ironic that we are Lending a hand to these Islamic Extremists in completing their mission of our own Destruction. Letting this Bullshit Mosque be built is symbolic in the way that we are telling the Muslims that it is Open Season on NYC, and the rest of the USA!!! No  wonder the rest of the USA has thought of the citizens of NYC as complete Morons over the Decades. And for once, I agree with them!!!!

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  1. Ben Says:

    They are not building a mosque “on” ground zero. Why are you trying to get people all riled up with your wild exaggerations?

    • transparnc Says:

      Everyone knows the mosque disgrace will not be in the Center of Ground Zero. BUT 3 Blocks away is also Sacred Ground, and also considered Ground Zero.
      I think you may want to stop sugar coating your excuses for having this mosque built on Sacred Ground.
      Ground Zero is Sacred Ground, and building a mosque on this Sacred Ground aka Ground Zero is a Disgrace.

  2. Ben Says:

    really? I did not know that 3 blocks surrounding Ground Zero was “sacred ground” Does it go just 3 blocks? Who decided how far it extends? Maybe it should be 6 blocks, but why stop there? Let’s tear down every Mosque in NYC since that’s where Ground Zero is. I bet you’d love that!

  3. transparnc Says:

    You sound like you are a builder of this
    The surrounding area IS considered Scared Ground. A stones throw away from Ground Zero is Scared Ground and part of Ground Zero.
    You are too caught up in appeasing our Muslim Extremist Enemies to see with any forethought what it means to have this Muslim Monstrosity built on Scared Ground.
    So go ahead and make up excuses why this Monstrosity should be built, and the rest of us will also come to our own conclusions.

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