Run, Baby, Run…………….But you will not be able to hide from Interpol. You are now wanted, and are being hunted by ALL Law Enforcement WORLDWIDE!!!!! And some of these Countries Don’t play nice, especially when you are wanted for questioning in the Murder of the Daughter of a Man who ran for President of Peru. Those South American Police won’t be as nice to you as the Assholes in Aruba were. In some countries, Law Enforcement, or the Para Militarty, will say to you…. Rights….what Rights?? What are these things you call Rights????

I predict that Van Der Snot will be turning himself in Momentarily, because he knows if he is captured by some of the LE that’s out there, they will tear him apart, or at least tear him a new Asshole. Many of the Law Enforcement out there have Daughters, and they will tear this guy apart and ask questions later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run Van Der Snot, But the Clock is Ticking. Better get to the USA so you can Hug your Lawyer, and turn yourself in.

Or maybe this Punk will take the easy way out, and jump off one of those high Cliffs they have down in South America. Or maybe he will try to run away from the police, and Vander Snot will ‘Accidentally’ fall off one of these Cliffs. If you are Innocent, turn yourself in, and defend yourself.

Btw, not a Good way to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Death of Natalee Holloway, that’s if you did kill that young Peruvain Girl…………

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