King Bloomberg of NYC is once again Beckoning his Subjects, but this time it is LeBron James. He only wants James in NYC because he will be paying over $$6 Million Dollars in City Taxes over the next 5 Years if he chooses to play for the Knicks, in addition to bringing in $$60 Million Dollars in Revenue if the Knicks go to the Finals in the NBA Championship……..

LeBron, you are only a Dollar Sign to Bloomberg. NYC has one of the Highest income Tax Rates in the World. Play for a City that has a Lesser Tax Rate, and Play for a City that has a Mayor, and NOT A KING!!!!!! Don’t let Bloomberg treat you like one of his Subjects, like he treats the rest of the Citizens of NYC!!!!

Play for a winning team in a winning City. Don’t play for the Kingdom of Bloomberg. You would only be putting another faux feather in his cap, and then we would have to hear the king brag for months how he enticed you to play in his Kingdom. Don’t be Bloomberg’s Concubine. There are enough in NYC already.

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  1. the3rddown Says:

    If Lebron goes to the Knicks who do you think will be his side-kick? The Knicks are currently under the salary cap by 32 million. I expect Lebron to get 20 of that if he signs. Will Bosh really go to the Knicks for 12 million or do you think some type of trade steal will occur like the one we saw in 2008 for Gasol.

    • transparnc Says:

      You make a good point, and I don’t have the answer.
      A trade steal maybe, but I don’t know who.
      I think it will all be a moot point, as leBron most likely will not want to go to the Knicks anyway. Why spend years trying to win a Championship with a Losing Team? Go with a Team that has a shot.

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