What happened to the Peanut Gallery regarding the Slack that Obama has given BP regarding the Worse Oil Spill in the History of the World!!! The Bush Bashers came out when he screwed up regarding his inactions during the Katrina Crisis, BUT the Obama Supporters have kept their mouths shut regarding Obama and the Oil Spill. Obama has Cut BP so much slack, that it is Disgusting. It has been almost 7 weeks since the OIL has been Gushing out of the Well. And let’s not forget the 10 Poor Souls that Perished during the Explosion of the Oil Rig.

Just because Obama has just started to Roar at BP in the last few days, that is too little, too late. The only ASSININE comment that Obama could come up with is the following >>’This Oil Spill Disaster only shows the need for us to find an Alternative Fuel Sorce, other than Oil.’ Are you fucking Kidding me!! This is what the Great Leader of the Free World comes up with??? Using the Worse Natural Disaster in the History of the United States to push for his Alternative Fuel Source Agenda????

The Obama Supporters still think that he walks on water. Hopefully, the Obama supporters are in the Vast minority, and are just afraid to Criticize the Paper Tiger for fear of risking losing the election in 2012 if they open their mouths.

Obama has done NOTHING for 6 weeks regarding getting this Catastrophe Fixed, or Putting the Fire under BP’s Asses!!! Did BP contribute to Obama’s Presidential Campagne? Is that why Obama has been playing Nice? Obama should have been all over this thing from the Very Beginning. All his Administration says is that Obama was involved from DAY 1. It is just that the Public is not aware of all Obama has done. WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT THAT IS!!!! The Old standard of ‘ So much has been done, but you just don’t know.’ If Obama has done so much, he would have let everyone know from the Beginning. Obama is INEFFECTIVE as President of the United States, and is useless in the face of a Catastrophe. God help us all if the Nation faces any further Attacks from the Islamic Extremists that Obama says Doesn’t Exist!!!! Obama is a Paper Tiger and we are all in Danger due to his lack of innitative, or is ineffectiveness in the Face of Emergencies.

The BP OIL SPILL is a Catastrophe for The Gulf Coast, it’s animals and mammals who live in and near the Sea, its human population, etc. and is a Real Crime Against Humans and Nature. BP should be brought on the Carpet and not be treated with Kid Gloves by the Obama Administration. Hopefully, the BP OIL SPILL will at the very least, help to not Re-Elect Obama in 2012. The guy is Useless!!!!! And every time a Catastrophe pops Up, Obama’s Ineffectiveness rears its ugly Head. Whether it be Natural Disasters, such as the one created by the BP Oil Spill, or Attacks against this Country by the Terrorists, or Terrorists getting in to the USA due to the Ineptness and Lack of Actions, and the unwillingness to come full force against our enemies on the part of Obama and his Administration.

Obama watches as Catastrophes happen, and is a Failure when it comes to bringing the Hammer down on whether it is BP, or the Terrorists. Obama’s Motto is ‘ Let’s see what Unfolds’ instead of “What can we do to prevent this.’

Obama is better off at his old job, being a Community Activist, rather than President of the United States,  because then only the Community would possibly suffer, and not the entire United Statesm of America!!!!

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