Unbelievable!!! This Mother Fucker and his Islamic Extremist Cohorts tried to KILL HUNDREDS of People in Times Square, and not a Peep about him since the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe occurred…………

I blame this Oversight on the Media and Obama and his Administration. No Doubt that Obama and Friends are happy that the next Big News Story, The BP Oil Spill,  took the spot as Number 1 . Because now the Bumbling Obama Administration whose hands are tied in attempting to Protect the USA from the Islamic Terrorists are not in the Spotlight anymore!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Obama and his Administration have FAILED to Protect The USA from the islamic terrorists, and it is only a matter of time for these muslim radical to succeed with their destruction of the USA and its Citizens. They tried again with the Times Square attempted Massacre, and no doubt they will try again. And Obama is Useless in protecting The USA and it’s People.

Obama cannot hide behind the Next Biggest News Story which for now is the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe and Nightmare. It would appear that Obama can’t even handle One Catastrophe at a time………….Go back to your day Job which is being a Community Organizer. You can’t affect the Well Being of The USA in that position…………..

Obama is like a Sports Athlete who was First Pick during the NBA Draft, but all that Athlete does is sit on the Bench because he was found to be a second string player, because he could not perform under the pressure of playing in the NBA!!!!! Obama was touted as the Man who could perform under all pressures, and help to fix this Country, and Protect us from the islamic terrorists. Well, he has not, and is unable to. Obama is lucky to be Second String, as all he does is sit on the Bench, and watch from the Sidelines, unable to contribute to the Well Being, and the Safety of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ben Says:

    you’re out of your mind! The dude is in jail awaiting a hearing. You should have recorded all the news stories when it was happening so you can watch it over and over…

    You’re out of your mind if you think that anything is more important than this disaster in the Gulf…

    • transparnc Says:

      Keep defending your sugar daddy, Obama, because in 2012, Obama will be gone, and your Cockfest will be over.
      Obviously, The Oil Spill Disaster is a MAJOR issue as you can see if you read my BP Blogs.
      That doesn’t mean that The Islamic Terrorist (that doesn’t exist because Obama has forbidden the use of the Phrase, Islamic Terrorist) doesn’t have to be spoken about.
      Obama kept talking about how the Asshole Muslim was talking, etc. to appease the Public. Now, since the Oil Spill, the Administration has shut up regarding Terrorism.
      In addition, there is more than enough Administration time to speak about both.
      Btw, and FYI, a Times Square Attempted Mass Murder by the Islamic Muslim Asshole, along with his Buddies Islamic Terrorists is a Big Fucking Deal. And if YOU don’t think so, your a real Dip. In addition, some of these Morons have been deported already, and there are most likely more of these Asshole Muslims out there.
      Now why don’t you get your Brick & Mortar, and help build your Mosque at Ground Zero…….
      And while you’re there, go out and pass around some of your Obama Kool-Aid to your fellow mosque builders………..

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