Well, as usual, not a peep in the news about the Anniversary of D-Day. The most Pivotal Day in the History of the World, when the Tide turned during WWll, and the Allies were on their way to winning the War. I want to thank all who Served in WWll, and I want to Thank the Brave Soldiers that fought on D-Day, of which many lost their lives.

The News Media has to step up and Acknowledge what D-Day meant to the Future of the United States of America, and to Thank those Brave Soldiers that Won the War for us. Many of the Soldiers that survived WWll are dying at a rate of 1000 per day. Soon, there won’t be any Soldiers left who can give first hand accounts of their experiences, . The Media must keep their Stories Alive, so we never forget the Sacrifices that these Brave Soldiers gave for the future of The United States of America. If not for these Brave Warriors, The United States as we know it today would not exist. We would be controlled by the Germans and the Nazis, and the World would be a Totally Different place.

My friend, Sergeant William S. Fleiss was a Hero in WWII. He served in the 1st Infantry Division, aka The Big Red 1. He was a Recipient of the Silver Star, Bronze Star w/oak leaf Cluster and the Purple Heart. Bill was in the 2nd Wave on D-Day, and received the Purple Heart for injuries received on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. Bill passed away recently, and he is dearly missed by his Family and Friends.

Last year was the 65th Anniversary of D-Day and there was nearly a peep about the Anniversary. I had a conversation on that Day to thank him for enabling me to live free. Bill said to me that every 50 years the Media speaks about D-Day, so we will have to wait for the 100th Anniversary to hear about it again. Sad but True Bill, Sad but Very True……….

Even though Bill is not with us anymore, I want to Thank Bill for all that he has done, to enable me to live in The United States of America, as it exists today. A Land of Freedom, which would not be, if not for Heros such as Bill.

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