Enough is enough already. BP is doing SQUAT!! and the Government is doing SQUAT!!! Or even the little they are now doing, has comes WEEKS TOO LATE!!!!! They are still not doing enough regarding OIL SKIMMING with BARGES, etc. What is Holding up these ASSHOLES from doing the Job 100%!!!! Fucking more weeks will pass by, until the Governemt does ‘a little’ more!!!

Talk is Cheap!!! What happened to the days of old?? The Gulf Coast should light a Fire Under someone’s Ass, whether it be BP or the Government!! Nothing is getting done by playing by the book. In the old days, a little Coercement went a long way to getting things done, when people would otherwise just sit on their asses!!!!

It has been almost 2 FUCKING MONTHS since the oil has been Gushing into the Gulf Coast. The BP Disaster has ruined many lives, including the Livelihoods of those whose Families have had businesses in the region for over a CENTURY!!!!  The Wildlife are dying by the Hundreds evry fucking day. BP is Prohibiting the Workers from taking any pictures of the Dead marine Life because they don’t want the Public to see these heart Breaking Pictures!!

Sitting down with Obama and eating some Crawfish in front of the cameras, which was just a Publicity Stunt, and speaking with a President who has done nothing to FIX this Disaster, has accomplished Nothing!!! NADA!!!! Obviously, The Gulf Coast residents would love to tell Obama to go Fuck Himself, but they know they may get more with Sugar than Spice. BUT IT HAS BEEN 48 FUCKING DAYS!!!! since the BP Oil Rig Blew up because of BP’s NEGLIGENCE!!!! and 48 Days of Non-Stop Gushing Oil because of Obama’s Do Nothing, Wait & See Attitude. Obama has been Useless in helping to Stop the Gushing Oil. Obama is Useless Period, in Leading this Country from Crisis. Whether it be the BP Oil Spill Catasrophe, or Protecting this Country from The Islamic Terrorists, which Obama says don’t exist!!

The Gulf Coast should deal with this Crap the Ole Fashioned Way!!! and Light a Fire under the Asses of these Assholes! Then, and only then will things get done!!!

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  1. michellefrommadison Says:

    BP doing squat? Not according to BP and the U.S. government. Turns out BP has been working on this every single day.

    • transparnc Says:

      Oh boy, doesn’t your nonsensicle bullshit ever end??

      • michellefrommadison Says:

        Never posted any nonsensical bullshit as you claim. I have, however, commented about documented and proven facts on cases and outward simple remedies to easy solutions of some current cases. But, you are not alone in your thinking, there are many uneducated and uninformed people like you that feel the same way as you do. Just happens to be different by others better-informed than yourself, but you set the bar so low for yourself.

      • transparnc Says:

        You keep drilling that thought into your smart, huge brain. And look in the mirror while you post, so you can get the full effect of intelligence.

  2. transparnc Says:

    I have an idea, start your own organization with smart people such as yourself, and go have yourself a blast…

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