Sprint has new plans available to its Customers. And they are pretty good. BUT Sprint is Requiring these new plans for Existing Customers who want to Activate almost any of the newer Devices which Sprint is Selling. The Problem is that some of these ‘Newer & Better’ Plans, as Sprint describes them,  can cost an Existing Customer up to an additional $3000.00 over a 2 year contract period, above and beyond the cost of the plan they now have. And the Newer plans actually offer LESS Features and minutes than they have now.

When Sprint made it mandatory to Activate the Instinct on one of the Everything Plans, which were new at the time, I said that this is a Harbinger of things to come regarding all new devices to require these newer plans. Sprint denied this at the time and said only the Instinct would require a special plan. Yeah, ok Sprint…………….Can you hear me now?
*****After over 10 years of service, I will consider leaving, if only for the fact that I don’t like Ultimatums ?. Switch plans or you can’t have a new device………….. I probably wouldn’t even get the Hero, but I want to have the Choice.
*****Sprint may not care if some of us leave as they figure they are not getting their minimum of $48? line or whatever they need to charge per line to make a profit. They fail to consider to think outside the box because many of us don’t use our current plans to their maximum allowable usage, which increases Sprint’s profit margin per line.
*****Anyway, Sprint’s restrictive attitude towards its long-term customers will only hurt them and not help them.

Sprint says that these Newer and Better Plans will enable the Customer to utilize all of the features that these newer Devices Offer, because they are Data Intensive, and a Full Data plan is necessary, so the Customers will not incur additional data charges……


So Sprint, let’s hear the next BULLSHIT reason of why we are Required to spend Hundreds, and in some cases, Thousands of Dollars more over a 2 Year Contract Period, than we are paying with our current plans…………..

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