joran van der snot confesses to Peruvian Authorities, saying he murdered Stephanie in the Hotel Room because she looked on her Laptop, and saw that van der snot was questioned for the Murder of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. When Stephanie questioned van der snot about the issue, he says he snapped and killed Stephanie.

Van Der Snot is going to the scene of the crime later today, with Law Enforcement, to re-enact the Murder.

The only thing that rings true about the Confession is that vander snot Butchered this poor Girl!!!!

Bye-Bye van der snot….May you enjoy the next 35 years in a Peruvian Prison, and a Bat up your Fucking Ass every Fucking Day for the Next 35 Years……..and then afterwards, Face Extortion Charges in The USA, but maybe before, the Asshole Cops in Aruba will have the Guts to Prosecute you for the Murder of Nancy Holloway, after you most likely Confess to that Murder also, seeing that your Life is Basically over, and with your Ego, you will not be able to help yourself, and will Brag about the Murder in Aruba. In addition, this Scumbag is most likely Guilty of a whole bunch of Unsolved Murders across the World in the Past 5 Years, and Prior, and hopefully will Confess to those Murders also.

Most likely, this Scumbag won’t last the 35 Years, and will take the Easy way out, and End it All. Or maybe he will meet his demise at the Hands of His Fellow Boyfriends……errrrr Inmates. And I doubt Peru has Protective Custody in their Prisons, so van der snot will be spending his Years in General Population. And I have a feeling that his fellow Inmates will welcome a Handsome boy from the Netherlands, with his Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. van der snot will be passed around like a Bag of Ice in the Sahara Desert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. michellefrommadison Says:

    Is it time to start blaming the victim?

    With the death of STEPHANY FLORES RAMIREZ, perhaps it may be time to begin to hold the victims responsible for their own careless, seemingly idiotic choices, and mistakes. While it is important, imo, to not blame the victim of a crime, it is important to recognize how so many “victims” place themselves through a conscience choice into harm’s way that far too many fall prey, with sometimes devastating consequences to themselves.

    In review of the many aspects Ms. Ramirez chose, it may first begin with her recognizing who she was confronted with, a Joran Vander Sloot. Not only did she fail to exit that confrontation immediately even knowing who Joran is, she walked past the reception desk where she could have alerted staff to her perceived possible problem. Not only that, she accompanies Joran to his own room, and seemingly enters his room willingly with no apparent signs of any struggle on her part. Then, once behind a closed door, she is allegedly caught by Joran with her looking up Joran on the internet searching for information about the Natalee Holloway case.

    Now she’s dead and people wonder why? It’s called “proximity.” When people allow themselves to remain in a potentially dangerous situation when they fail to exercise better options than remaining in that potentially dangerous situation, it then, imo, becomes their own fault for anything negative occurring to them if they willingly chose to remain within that potentially dangerous environment; proximity. Perhaps best exemplified that if a house starts on fire and the person willingly chooses to remain inside, but then dies as a result, the blame is that of the victim, and not the fire itself.

    Now, with Joran’s alleged confession on this crime, the people that want and got a confession are typically the same people that have said in the past on blogs, television, and sites on the internet that Joran is a liar and you can’t believe a word he says. Now, these hypocrites are satisfied with the confession and fail to pursue the issue any further since it has an immediate-redemption quality to those not familiar enough with the higher-level studies of Psychology. Worse-case scenario for Joran right now appears to be a possible sentence well under ten years for a confession leading to a conviction, and he’ll be out super-soon given the legal/prison systems in Peru.

    Is that true Justice for Stephany? I think not!

  2. transparnc Says:

    And once again (see previous comments to other van der snot topics), your comments prove you to be the Hypocrite and Fool you Truly are.

  3. Mom In Tennis Shoes in WA Says:

    I am not blaming the victim but there’s something called being streetwise. In Boy Scouts, they call it “the buddy system”. Basically, whenever you are in unfamiliar territory, you must have a friend with you. You just don’t go out on dates in a foreign country without letting your roommate or chaperone know where you will be and who you are with. I personally would never enter a man’s hotel room if I had just met him. What if he rapes you? Then it becomes a he says/she says situation. Parents really need to teach their daughters how to be more careful. And daughters need to listen. I still think Vandersnot is guilty. He must have the ability to earn girls’ trust.

    • michellefrommadison Says:

      Exactly Mom In Tennis Shoes in WA, there is something called “being streetwise” for anyone that has an active brain in their head. Bravo, I appreciate your expertise on this subject that some seem to struggle with.

      • transparnc Says:

        Stephany was in her Own Country, not a foreign country. As Mom In Tennis Shoes pointed out, van der snot is a Predator and is able to smooth talk his way with the woman, much the same way Ted Bundy did.
        Van Der Snot is a Serial Killer, and is a Pro.
        Your buddy just Confessed to the Murder of Stephany. You have proclaimed your buddy’s innocence all along, and you have been Proven Wrong. You are the Fool, and the Ass. And you are the one who cannot admit their Stupidity and Brainless remarks. And you cannot admit that you were wrong. And you are the one who says one thing, and then says he never said it.
        Most of your remarks are as Brainless as they come, and as one Poster pointed out, you sound like you are van der snot himself.
        So I suggest that you pack your bags and take a plane to Peru so you can spend time with your Loved one, before the Cowardly Asshole van der snot is found hanging at the end of a Bed Sheet. Ah, they probably don’t have Bed Sheets where he’ll be going, but I’m sure a Guard will lend him a Rope…………….

  4. Mom in Tennis Shoes in WA Says:

    Transparc, part of my previous post was referring to Natalee Holloway…going out with someone she just met on her last night in Aruba without a friend with her…very dangerous! Whatever happened to ‘stranger danger’ that we all learned in kindergarten? Saw on Good Morning America that Interpol is going to start investigating Vandersnot’s proximity to other missing women around the world e.g. Thailand. Your previous post mentioned this interesting speculation. They are now speculating that he may be a psychopath. Vandersnot has been heard crying in prison now. I think the chickens are slowly coming home to roost…

    • transparnc Says:

      Yes, Natalee should have went back to the hotel with her friends, but van der snot is most likely a real smooth talker, and is a vicious Predator.
      I have no doubt that the Predator will now be the Prey, in the Peruvian Jail that will be his home for Decades. That is if he doesn’t put a rope around his neck. The number of Murders that will be attributed to van der snot will be startling, no doubt.
      I would first look in the Netherlands, to see what his criminal history was there. He was 17 when he killed Natalee, so his Murder Spree, may have began with Natalee. But he may have had a history of killing animals and such when he was a young van der snot, and progressed from there. No doubt his parents had little van der snot see by shrinks in the Netherlands, and those records may never be released. Time will tell, and we shall see where the Investigation leads…………….

      • Mom in Tennis Shoes in WA Says:

        Okay, just read on MSNBC News that VanderSnot just confessed to knowing where Natalee Holloway’s body is and confessing to her murder. Things are moving very rapidly. There’s goingt to be some serious sh-t hitting the fan this week…

      • transparnc Says:

        It will be astounding what is eventually found out. This van der snot is human waste, and should be dumped at the 115 mile mark………

  5. Mom in Tennis Shoes in WA Says:

    Watch Dateline NBC tonight (Friday) at 9pm. They’re going to talk about the VanderSnot case.

  6. michellefrommadison Says:

    Now you believe what Joran says? That;s funny. 🙂

    • transparnc Says:

      As I said prior, you’re a Fool 😦
      Better pack your bags to go visit with your Buddy. He can use some support………………
      Don’t forget to bring van der snot some lingerie. He has to look pretty for his new Bedfellows.

      • michellefrommadison Says:

        Like I said before, this will be a cakewalk for Joran and he’ll be out super soon, much faster than if it happened in the states. Too bad Steph attacked Joran, she will be missed.

      • transparnc Says:

        Like I said before. You are a Fool and nothing more.
        Obviously, you’re comments don’t deserve any real responses.

  7. michellefrommadison Says:

    Looks like Joran will be eligible for release after a max of nine years with credit of two for one, which means he will be out rather quickly, much less than the nine years. Calculates out to just a small number of months. Joran wins again. Is that justice for Stephany? Too bad she attacked Joran, but I guess that’s what her drug use resulted in.

  8. Mom in Tennis Shoes in WA Says:

    Michelle, it sounds like you like to stir things up, cause a little commotion. If you have been keeping up with the news, she was brutally beaten up to death. The judge said Joran’s behavior was both ferocious and unusually cruel. How do you know she was doing drugs? There is strong speculation that both Stephany and Natalee were given a date-rape drug. How is that their fault? They will have to put him in a single cell because they are afraid the inmates will kill him. That’s how angry the Peruvian citizens are. Even the Holloway’s lawyer was afraid of him when he met with him in Aruba. When he said he didn’t have his money yet, Joran became violently angry and he was actually fearful. The lawyer, John Kelly, said that when he looked into his eyes, it was cold and cruel and there was no doubt that he was pychopathic. You are giving your sympathy for the wrong person, Michelle! But you’re a woman, I’m a woman, so we understand each other. You like making these outlandish statements just to rile up Transparnc because it amuses you. Tell me the truth, now.

    • michellefrommadison Says:

      It is OK for you to remain so incorrect, that is your choice. I just prefer to remain factual, and why you seem to adore Joran is something only between you and him. I believe Joran may have over-reacted just a tad after Stephany attacked Joran, which has been confirmed. Guess she shouldn’t have attacked him. And, yes, Natalee was a drug user herself too; confirmed and documented.

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