Obama felt the need to Defend himself, regarding his response to the BP Oil Spill Disaster, to Matt Lauer. Too Little, Too Late Mr. President. Get Angry all you want, and defend yourself all you want, BUT your actions, or rather, In-Actions speak Volumes, and your Anger now doesn’t mean Squat at this point, 50 Days after the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe. Obama sees the Public Reactions regarding his Late Actions to the Disaster, and obviously had no choice but to come on TV and be Interviewed by his Buddy, Matt Lauer, who no doubt, threw Obama Softballs during the Interview.

Obama thinks his Golden Tongue will talk his way out of the Public Perception of Obama’s Re-Actions to the BP Oil Spill Disaster being Too Slow. Well, 50 days Later he is trying to change the Minds of the Public. No Doubt, that the Obamacans who will look for any excuse to give Obama a free pass , and will buy his Load of Crap. But hopefully, most will see Obama for what he is, a President who took weeks to react strongly to the BP Oil Rig Explosion & Oil Spill Disaster, and get off his Ass and do something. And see a  President whose back is against the wall, and is doing a PR Political Damage Clean Up Campaign, that will Fail Miserably!!!!

Obama, Too Little, Too Late. Your In-actions the past few weeks Tell the True Story, and Your strong words and defense of your actions 50 days later do little to change that……………

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