And the rest of the Speech was about an Alternative Energy Source…………………

This speech lasted an entire 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama’s speech was a Failure, and hardly addressed his In-Actions regarding the Disaster, except for the past couple of weeks.

At the very beginning of this Speech, Obama said that due to the Scope of this oil Spill being something we have never seen before, he had this Very Special Scientist on the Front Lines the Very First Day. This is BULLSHIT, because no one knew on the very first day of the DeepWater Horizon Explosion, that the Scope of the Catastrophe was so HUGE!!!! He’ll, the Oil just started Gushing, and BP was putting out phony figures regarding the amount of Oil gushing out of the Well, and the US Governemt wasn’t even involved yet.

Obama is a BS Artist, and this was a very Poor speech, and I doubt even the Obamacrats bought the BULLSHIT that Obama was selling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama was a Failure regarding getting involved so late, and no one is buying the BS he spoke about today.

It is obvious that Obama didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time regarding the Criticism he has received regarding his In-Actions in the Handling of the BP Oil SPill. At least it appears that BP will be held financially responsible for all that has happened, including Compensation to the Gulf Coast. I’ll believe it when I see it. But Obama did not address the Skimming issue, of which there has been hardly any, and the fact that the Big Tankers have not been called in to hasten the Skimming of the Oil on the Ocean’s Surface in a more productive way. Nothing was mentioned about all of the Wildlife being Lost due to the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe.  Obama didn”t want to talk about Negatives, but by avoiding them, he proved that he put his head in the sand once again….

Before this speech, a Public Poll showed that 38% of Americans thought Obama was handling the BP Oil Spill Catstrophe well. I think the numbers will DROP after hearing this Speech.

The Reverend Wright speech was a much better piece of BullShit than this Speech was. It’s as though Obama didn’t even try with this speech. He thought his redirection of the Topic of the Speech would throw the Public off, BUT I doubt it did. Obama’s speech tonight was as ineffective as a Torch burning a Hole in the Sun………………………….

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