Van Der Snot is crying like a Baby. He’ scared shit of the Peruvian Jail he’s in. He says he will give up the location of Natalee Holloway’s body in exchange for being moved to a Jail in Aruba. Hey van der snot, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!  You will never get transferred to an Aruban Jail where you will get the Pillow Talk treatment as Before, because of your Daddy. The Aruban Assholes are the Idiots who let you go in the first place, and the Aruban Idiots are partly responsible for Stephany’s Death in Peru!! No doubt that if you were transferred to Aruba, you would escape with the help of the Aruban Authorities within a year or so.

You’re a SUCKASS, PUSSY, MOTHER FUCKER AND YOU WILL ROT IN A PERUVIAN JAIL UP UNTIL THE DAY YOU HANG YOURSELF……… And No Doubt you will end up giving the location of Natalee’s Body, and eventually admit to the many other Girls you have Slaughtered all across the World!!!

What’s the matter van der snot???? You can Kill and Slaughter innocent Woman, but you can’t do the time once caught???? What you did to these Poor Woman will only be a taste of what will happen to you in a Peruvian Jail. Once the Heat is off and the Cameras are gone, it will only be a matter of time until you are Ravished by every inmate in the Prison. And then you will be transferred to the other Prisons in Peru, so those Inmates could also get a Piece of your Fucking Ass!!!!! By the time the inmates are done with you, you will look forward to jumping off that Tier with some Bed Sheets strung around your neck!!!!

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6 Comments on “VAN DER SNOT WANTS HIS MOMMY!!!!!!”

  1. michellefrommadison Says:

    You might be completely and totally incorrect on everything you state in this blog, there Transparnc, time will tell. So far, Joran has been calling the shots, even in Peru, at least according to the facts revealed thus far.

    • transparnc Says:

      Your ‘facts’ as you call them have been wrong all along. As I said prior, you should pack your bags and fly to Peru, before your boyfriend is found at the end of some bedsheets. I am sure van der snot’s Peruvian Handlers will let you, van der snots boyfriend, cut to the front of the line so you can tap his a*s ahead of the other Inmates waiting in line.

  2. Mom in Tennis Shoes in WA Says:

    Transparc, we all want to see justice done to VanderSnot, but I think we shouldn’t rejoice in what may or may not happen to him in the Peruvian prison. (“Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”). The whole world is watching and they will make sure he is not abused in prison. I don’t think they will extradite VanderSnot to Aruba like he requested. The president said he that isn’t going to happen.(Good for him!) I think his request is motivated by the discomfort of their prison after the more comfortable Aruban prison. It is torture enough to never see the light of day being inside a smelly, hot prison. I understand this prison is much worse than Turkish prisons. Kind of like hell on earth. He is already suffering. At least he is away from civil, normal people and can stay with people who are just like him!

    • transparnc Says:

      Sorry Mom in Tennis Shoes in WA, but I will have to disagree on one thing. I do, and will rejoice if some unfortunate circumstances were to occur to this piece of shit. This Asshole took the lives of 2 girls we know of, and most likely Slaughtered many more young Women. This Asshole, van der snot, deserves the worst of the worst to happen to him while incarcerated, and still breathing.
      Being in a Terrible Prison and not seeing the day of light is Not enough. He deserves, and will receive so much more. As I said prior, in a year or so when the cameras and media are gone, his safety will not be a concern, not in the least. Terrible things happen to prisoners while they are incarcerated. That is Prison. Remember Jeffery Dalmer. Some inmate half his size whacked him over the head and killed him. Van der snot won’t be that lucky to go that easy…………………

      • Mom in Tennis Shoes in WA Says:

        Jesus said, “those who live by the sword die by the sword”. In other words, those who live a life of violence tend to die a violent death”. So, you are probably correct about what will eventually happen to VanderSnot. The Peruvian citizens are horrified and mad as hell that some foreigner came into their country and killed one of theirs. It’s all karma, man.

  3. transparnc Says:

    I hear you, and totally agree.

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