How obama became president is beyond my comprehension. I have FRIENDS who love this guy obama, and make excuses for him like the rest of the obamacrats. The ‘Obama can do no wrong attitude.’ This is also beyond my comprehension.
Obama is NO WORLD LEADER. He is a Community leader at the most. That is what he was, and that is what he should be……………Help us all when a Catastrophe strikes this Country. Oh, Catastrophes already have, and Obama has no Clue…………..UNBELIEVABLE!!!! or rather BELIEVABLE!!

From the start, obama should never have had a chance at winning the election, but he did. From the reverend wright and going to his church for 22 years, to his questionable ties to Ayers. It was a Perfect storm in 2008 for obama to have the chance he had to win the Election. On one hand, we had Clinton, who is an Ass, and on the other hand, we had the clown, obama. Obama won the Democratic nomination. Then we had Bush, who everyone hated, and did not want to have another Republican in the White House. We then had McCain who would have had a chance, if he had not picked Palin the Moron as a running mate, to capture the hearts of women, and show the World that he was Progressive by picking a Female running mate. Had McCain chosen a different running mate, he would have had a much better chance of winning in 2008, and we would not have the Catastrophe we are all seeing now with Obama & Family in the White House.

Voters made excuses for this jokester, Obama, and continue to do so. I think they continue to do so because they don’t want to admit they were wrong in voting for this clown. Obama is the Biggest joke to fall upon the United States of America in the Longest time. I just hope that The USA does not encounter a situation that a Non Leader will have no idea on how to handle. Obama has shown us all that he has no idea on how to handle Catastrophes such as the BP Oil Spill, Terrorism, and the Protection of the USA against Terroristic Threats, The Israel Situation (of which he appears to be against Israel and for Hamas), the Iran Threat, the North Korean Threat, etc., etc…………….. It is very curious to watch Obama sit back and ‘Observe’ Catastrophes as they Unfold in Front of his eyes.

McChrystal saw through the Bullshit and spoke up, and he was Shut up!!! Granted, we all know that if a General Butts heads with the President of the United States, the General will lose. BUT it does show us all that Obama is an Incompetent Fool. BUT the obamacrats will just see it has a General who should have shut his mouth, and keep things to himself. And that Obama has shown he is a Leader by Firing General McChrysal. They will not see the True Meaning of what it means when a Sitting President does not have the Support of his Highest Ranking General. I am sure there are many other High Ranking Officers that do not agree with Obama, but will continue to keep quiet. They all know that Obama was not a World Leader, and will NEVER be one. They too cannot wait for 2012 to come soon enough, when hopefully a new POTUS is elected, and they will have a new Commander in Chief!!!!! Moral in the Military has to be at an All Time Low with obama as it’s Commander in Chief.

2012 can’t come soon enough. I hope obama cannot pull another rabbit out of his hat, and pull another one over on the Voters of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I’ve only read the first couple of sentences, and I have an answer for you.

    Hillary Clinton, was going to be president of the United States. She won the democratic nomination by popular vote, and by states 26-24.(Don’t even get me started on debacle that was Michigan, and Florida)

    While the “Delegates” where supposed to represent the will of their states populous, they were swayed by Kennedy, Gore, and Kerry. To vote for that imbecile, Mr. Obama.

    But I really would like to give credit to his amazing, awesomely talented speech writer for entrancing the indipendents, and the moderates…

    They’ve realized their mistakes, and will fix them in November. With a balanced government.

    Republican legislature, and a democratic executive.

    Could I ask for some insight though, how is our judicial system working, who’s it swaying toward? Progressive, or Conservative?

    Hell, maybe even centrist…

    Please reply.

    • transparnc Says:

      Yes, the speech writer was very good. But from my point of view, the words were too good to be true, and a load of crap. Transparent to me, but others bought the BS because they were so fed up with Bush.
      As for the Judicial system, I believe they are going the way of Big Brother. More rules, more laws of which even the most miniscule laws are being prosecuted. I believe that after 9/11, Law Enforcement has gotten way out of control, and it has nothing to do with 9/11, and everything to do with Big Brother using 9/11 to abuse their power more and more. You could say that Law Enforcement is on Steroids, and we haven’t seen anything yet.
      Just look at New York City and The NYPD to see what happens when you have a Law Enforcement Agency that is Out of Control, and Oversees itself. In addition to other NYPD Atrocities, you have 585,000 Law Abiding citizens Stopped & Frisked annually, and the number is increasing, and a Secret NYPD Data Base that keeps a record of ALL that have been Stopped & Frisked, even though over 90% of the Citizens Stopped & Frisked have committed No Crime and Have NOT been Arrested. The NYS Senate has just Passed a Law stating that the NYPD can NO longer keep these Secret Data Bases. The NYPD is Fighting the Decision. This has been going on since 2003!!
      I am speaking mostly about Law Enforcement, and I am unsure if that is a Progressive, Conservative or a Centrist direction. The Law Abiding Citizens Rights have basically been deteriorating since 9/11, when the NYPD decided to use that Date in History as an Excuse to Abuse their Police Powers even more than they already have been. Most of their new restrictions on the Rights of Citizens who live in NYC and Vistors to NYC do Nothing to Stop Terrorism. The new Laws and Restrictions are just a way for the NYPD to infringe on the Rights of its Citizens, and to Create the Data Base they have always wanted, but were restricted from obtaining because of the Rights the Citizens of NYC Used to Have. But now it is much easier for them to obtain this Secret Data Base that the NYPD is now compiling.

  2. Ben Says:

    so tell me please… what should a sitting president, the Commander In Chief, do with an insubordinate general in the field? Keep in mind, this is not the 1st time the general has been insubordinate. And let’s not forget his involvement in the scandal with Pat Tillman’s death.

    I wonder if you spewed the same vitriol toward Bush for each general that he fired, for telling the truth about Iraq & Afghanistan? Bush fired many generals…

  3. transparnc Says:

    As I wrote, a President has no choice but to fire a General who butts head with him.
    Funny how Obama supporters throw out ‘what did you do when Bush did this?’ or ‘Bush did the same thing.’ It is like Bush is a litmus test on what is ok for Obama to do or not. I mentioned the reasons why Obama is No World Leader. I mentioned what it means when a 4 Star General thinks his Commander in Chief is No Leader, and doesn’t know his Ass from his elbow.
    I didn’t have a Blog when Bush was President. If I did, I would have found certain things that he did wrong also. I do think that Bush is more of a World Leader than Obama is, or probably ever will be. Bush stood up to the Terrorists and took it right to their faces. Obama shows No World Leadership whatsoever.
    Oh, and remember that 1993 happened under the Clinton Administration. And from 1993-2001, the Terrorists had 8 years to plan the 9/11 Attack. The Clinton Administration was one of the most Negligent Administrations when it came to protecting The USA from an Attack. At least after the 1993 Attack, the Clinton Administration should have taken steps to prevent 9/11 but they did not. So while people may want to Blame Bush for the 2 wars, don’t forget there is enough blame to go around for Clinton and his Administration for their NEGLIGENCE in protecting the USA. It is under the Clinton Watch that the United States of America was ATTACKED on Our Homeland, in New York City, The Pentagon, and in Pennsylvannia!!!!
    Basically while Clinton was getting his Dick Sucked in The White House, the Terrorists were Planning their Horrific 9/11 Attack, after they succeeded with their 1993 Attack which Killed 6 innocent Victims, and Injured many more, and succeeded in inflicting Millions of Dollars worth of Damage.
    So Clinton getting his Dick Sucked took precedence over the Protection of The United States of America.
    I believe that Obama will be more Negligent than Clinton was in the Protection of The USA. Obama has a Head Start due to the multiple attacks we have suffered, and he is still SOFT on Terrorism.
    Obama is NO WORLD LEADER, and in fact has been Negligent in Protecting this Country from Future Attacks. Oh, he has done something, he has forbidden his Administration from using words & phrases like Islamic Extremists, Jihad, War on Terror, etc. Yeah, he’s protecting this Country (sarcastic)

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