The other day, a 2 bit thug was able to talk his way into Police Plaza One, which is the NYPD Headquarters where Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has his Office. This common criminal talked his way into NYPD Headquarters, and went into a Lieutenant’s office, one office down from the police Commissioner’s, and stole 2 Laptops and seven phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The criminal was eventually caught, and was arraigned. Before the Judge ordered the man be held on $50,000.00 Bail, the Judge looked at the guy and the DA, and laughed because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The Judge said ‘you mean to tell me that this guy was able to get into Police Plaza One after 9/11??’ and shook his head.

When asked by a Reporter, Kelly shrugged off the Breach of Security, and said this guy was well-known as a 2 bit thug, and has a long history of arrests.  Um, Kelly, this common criminal broke into YOUR HOUSE!! Supposedly one of the most secure Buildings in New York State. YOU could NOT even PROTECT YOUR OWN ‘HOUSE’ and you expect the Citizens of NYC to think that you would be able to Protect Them from a Terrorist Attack???? You gotta be kidding us!!!!

This common criminal could have well been a Terrorist or Terrorists who could have done severe Mayhem in Police Plaza One, and you shrug it off. WE all know this was a HUGE Embarrassment for you, and Heads must have Rolled over this one. The Cops that let this guy into the Police Plaza One must have been reassigned to Traffic Duty in a Crap Neighborhood somewhere. Kelly may have shrugged this HUGE EVENT Publicly, BUT behing closed doors, this guy had to be Fuming, and I would have liked to hear what King Bloomberg had to say about this Huge Breach of Security. Oh, and let’s not Forget the Huge Laugh that the Terrorists had over this one!!!! And this is after 9/11 and after the Attack in Times Square.

The NYPD can’t even Protect their own Backyard, and for sure, they Cannot protect US either!!!

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