Obama, once again, has been Silent in the Midst of a Catastrophe. 12 Russian Spys were arrested in the USA, while Obama Kisses Russia’s Ass!! Obama has not said one word about the Russian Spy Fiasco, BUT this is NOT Surprising. Obama bends over for Russia, while Russia sticks it up Obama’s Ass, and the Ass’s of the Citizens of The United States of America!!

Obama has been the BEST thing to happen for the Enemies of The United States of America!!! While our Enemies are laughing at the Leadership of The USA, they Welcome the Opportunities they have been given by Obama, to Plot Against Us, using the Open Door which Obama has Graciously given them!!!

November 2011, and November 2012 can’t come soon enough!!

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  1. Ben Says:

    ummm… they were ARRESTED! I think that says enough!

  2. Ben Says:

    Well, it explains you. You criticize everything Obama does, or doesn’t do. Doesn’t matter if it’s good, bad or irrelevant, you will criticize it. You’re predictable and have no credibility. You have no readers beside me either.

    • transparnc Says:

      Corrections >>
      What counts is readers.
      You are the one who is predictable, as you, as well as others, are excuse makers for your chosen one. Everything I write is factual. His BP Poor response. His No Response to the Russian Spys. His ass kissing to the world on your behalf, etc., etc. I then explain why I think Obama is not an effective President. He is a Do Nothing, sit by the Sidelines President, who apologizes to the World, on behalf of people like you because of his ill perceived notions. He is a Community Leader at best, and that is all. He is a fish out of water with his position as President.
      You, my friend, are the one who makes excuses for all he does. You are the one who is afraid to see the truths in front of your eyes. Obama is one of the most Partisan Presidents we have had in a long while.
      As you are aware, more and more Citizens are beginning to see the forest through the trees. Or the light through the Obama Smokescreen.
      His Golden Tongue has become guilded, and his speeches are having less and less substance, and more and more drama. He just recites quotes from History, as he is running out of things to say.
      BUT in 2012, hopefully there will be a Change which Obama has been referring to all this time. It will have taken 4 years for the Change to come, but that is ok.

  3. Ben Says:

    do nothing? Partisan? I think you’re confusing Obama with the Republican Congress. He has repeatedly and failed I might add at trying to bring republicans into the law making process, to the point of watering down every major piece of legislation to our disadvantage and yet the Republicans still vote no, time after time.

    Healthcare reform, financial reform, drawing down of troops in Iraq, getting BP to set aside 20 Billion for the oil spill, which is nothing to snicker at considering that Exxon managed to reduce their 5 billion dollar bill through the courts over the past 25 years to 500 million for their Valdez disaster.

    I, like many progressives am very disheartened and disappointed at Obama’s constant and fruitless reaching out to Republicans, but your endless attacks make people like me unable to have a dialog about what is really going on and wind up defending him.

    Let me know when you let go of the hatred and really want to discuss the issues…

    • transparnc Says:

      I will call you ‘the King of the Turn Arounds.’ You are now blaming me, and people like me for your having to defend your Man Obama. That’s a laugh if I ever heard one. If Obama screws up, and he is Criticized, it is ‘our’ fault?? Don’t hate the Messenger, if the Message is true.
      The fact that you cannot even admit the Obvious, when it comes to your man, is very telling indeed.
      You are tired of your man always having to reach out to the Republicans?? That’s a Joke!! Obama slams the Republicans publicly every chance he gets. I really don’t blame the Republicans for taking their Stand. Obama going around bowing to saudi kings is a Joke. Even his own Admin tried to make an excuse for that. Oh, and let’s not hear your wining about ‘that was in the past.’ It is indicative of the Ass Kissing Attitude that Obama has regarding his Apologizing to the World for the ‘sins’ of the USA.
      Obama was concerned about Health Care Reform, and that seems to be about it. Obama is one of the most devisive Presidents I have seen in a while. He is Partisan with a Capital ‘P.” Just because he asks the Republicans to agree with him, when they don’t feel it is the right thing to do, doesn’t mean he is reaching out. He reaches out with one hand, and has a Sledge Hammer in the other.
      It appears that even if Obama does have a Good Idea, the Republicans will be against it just for spite, because of Obama’s Partisan ways.
      I used to hear the old excuse of ‘Give Obama time. He has not even been in office 90 days.’ Well, it has been a year and a half or so, and he has had enough time for us to see how he’s doing, and not very well.
      Stating that others Criticism is Hatred, is about as devisive as you can get. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the Obama Tree.
      When you put down your Pitcher of Kool-Aid, let me know.

  4. Ben Says:

    As expected, you ignore most of what I wrote that you can’t refute and zone in on one thing and as expected, you twist it. I am not blaming you and others like you for having to defend our president. Read it again:

    “but your endless attacks make people like me unable to have a dialog about what is really going on and wind up defending him”

    Let me know when you want to have a meaningful discussion with intelligent thoughts. I too have legitimate critiques about our President.

    • transparnc Says:

      I have no idea why you re-quoted yourself, as I stand by what I said.
      Oh, and I’ll ‘critique’ obama the way I choose to. If it is not to your liking, so be it.
      Un believable that you would want me to speak about obama the way you want me to. But then again, I expect no less.
      Whenever people do not agree with obama, his defenders attack the messenger. But I will continue to point out obama’s shortcomings, and you can continue to critique those who do………..

  5. Ben Says:

    no problemo… you go on and continue your useless, ineffectual mindless rants of anger and hatred. I will move on to interesting and informed debates with intelligent people and you can post your blog to yourself since it’s obvious I’m the only reader…

    Have a wonderful life

  6. transparnc Says:

    Oh my, upset , aren’t you. Can’t wail to see how you react in November and 2012 when your man Obama is back home in Chicago where he belongs.
    It is a pleasure to get rid of a small minded Obamabot! Now continue on your journey and go see if you can brainwash someone else with your useless Obama diatribe. You will need all of the help you can get in 2012.
    Oh, and you are the angry, ranting obamabot when you can’t get your way. Now go take your ball, kleenex and your obama bible and preach to someone who will listen.
    You might want to knock on the door of Chris Matthews, so the both of you can go have a Cock Fest and drool over your ‘can do no wrong’ man Obama.

  7. transparnc Says:

    November 2011……………….and that is ONLY the Beginning of the Downfall of your beloved Creator, Obama…………….

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