Arizona has the right idea regarding how to protect themselves from the Crimes being committed from the illegal Immigrants. If the feds won’t enforce the Laws on the Books, States like Arizona will. They also have an obligation to the Citizens of their State to protect Them by Enforcing the Laws. Everyone else Criticizes Arizona, like King Bloomberg of new York City. If Bloomberg found NYC in the same Situation as Arizona is in regarding Crime, Bloomberg would do the same thing. Oh, wait a minute………………NYC is the City where 600,000 Citizens are STOPPED & FRISKED EVERY YEAR, FOR USUALLY NO REASON. 90% of the Stops do not result in an Arrest. And Bloomberg STOPS & FRISKS NOT ONLY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, BUT CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!And Bloomberg is Criticizing Arizona????? Bloomberg is a Hypocrite and a Joke!!! NYC STOPS & FRISKS many more people than Arizona does. 600,000 CITIZENS….. think about that for a moment

When you see people like Bloomberg Criticize States like Arizona, you can’t really can’t take it Seriously, after you see where it’s coming from…………………………..

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