I don’t even watch The Bachelor, but heard about the Jake and Vienna breakup. I was switching channels, and came upon the Interview between the two. I watched the interview, except for the last 2 minutes, knowing that most, if not all of this BS is all Staged. BUT I must say by the way Jake was acting, this guy must be Gay, and that is the reason the 2 broke up. Jake did not come out and say he’s Gay, but from his actions, it appeared that he did things to break up the relationship, and by watching him in the Interview, I figured the guy just doesn’t like Women. Either that, or the guy has a Small Penis, which is why he was never intimate with Vienna. Jake made all kinds of excuses like being Emasculated by Vienna, etc. I think Jake was Emasculated Before he met Vienna.

In addition, this guy Jake has a NASTY TEMPER, as could be seen when he told Vienna to SHUT UP!! Even though Vienna was dramatic, I tended to believe her, and knew there was a piece of the Puzzle missing which Jake did not discuss. Either that he is Gay, or has a Small Penis. This guy Jake looks like a real Asshole by watching the way he treats Women. As I said prior, I think he treats women the way he does as a Mask for something he is Hiding from us all…………

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  1. Laura Says:

    Jake was very mean to Vienna. I personally think Jake is a little flamer himself, If it talks like a chicken, walks like a chicken than it must be a chicken!

    • transparnc Says:

      I hear ya. Jake sits there like he’s just an innocent little thing. but I think the Public knows better. And the way he snapped was very telling. I thinks he’s in the closet and should just let everyone know. Why else wouldn’t a guy have sex with someone as good looking as Vienna. Like I said, either that, or he’s embarrassed by his little winky!!
      But it is wrong to treat Vienna the way he did, just because he is lacking in a certain area. He is angry at himself, but blames Vienna for his ‘shortcomings.’
      When he pulled out the ole”Emasculation Card,’ that was it right there. You knew he is definitely hiding something. I am surprised Vienna didn’t bring it up. i think it will eventually come out.

  2. Tara Says:

    I watched it and thought the same thing. This ill tempered little man is hiding something. He is an attention whore and I’m sure he is gay but living a lie.

    • transparnc Says:

      Hi Tara.
      In addition, that host looks like he was one sided, like he was po’d at Vienna for going to the tabloids or something. I am sure the show is making much money from all the publicity, and hopes this saga continues, if they are not inedeed the perpetrators of all of this to begin with…

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