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‘Obama, MSNBC is the network of thrills and chills . . .

Chris Matthews famously felt a thrill going up his leg listening to an Obama speech. Now, MSNBC anchor Alex Witt has been similarly moved by Obamian oratory, declaring this morning “I got a few chills” listening to PBO’s “very powerful” speech on immigration.

Witt described her sensations to MSNBC DC bureau chief Mark Whitaker.
ALEX WITT: You know, Mark, I gotta say I got a few chills listening to him there. It was very powerful. But it was also pretty heavy on detail and direction.’

It would appear that MSNBC still has a bunch of Suckasses working for them. MSNBC is so far to the Left, that they will fall into the Pacific before California does, if the Big Earthquake Hits!!!

These Aholes get chills when their man Obama speaks. Imagine having these Wits as Family members, or friends. These Idiots are more Brainwashed than Patty Hearst supposedly was.

Hopefully, there are less & less of these Obamatrons ‘left’ !!

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