I saw the discussion these 2 had at the White House. At least Obama let Netanyahu come through the Front Door this time. Netanyahu looked like he could not get out of there soon enough, and Obama was his smiling self. It was obvious to the World that there was a lot of friction between the Obama Administration and Israel in the past couple of months. Rightfully deserved because of what happen when Biden visited Israel, and Israel was building settlements, unknown to the Obama Administration, supposedly. I would think that the US would know all that was going on in Israel, maybe not.

The relationship between The USA and Israel go too deep, for too many years for the US to abandon Israel, and it is not in the US’s best interest to do so. And Israel needs The USA. BUT no one can say that things were not Cold between the 2 for a few months. It was obvious by the meeting that things are still COld, and you don’t have to look too far past the words spoken, to see the body language and the inflection on the part of Netanyahu. Obama is a given, because most of what comes out of his mouth is sometimes not too believable. At least Netanyahu makes it obvious he is not too happy with the Administration, while Obama puts on his poker face.

There was obviously  a lot of International questioning regarding the relationship between The USA and Israel, and this meeting was inevitable to quench any fears that the 2 were not getting along, and that they were still strong allies. But as usual, Obama came out with the old standard line that ‘the media likes to make things out of nothing, when what they are saying is not at all true.’ or words to that effect. Obama seems to like to say whatever others are thinking, that go against what he or his Administration are doing or saying,  are not true AT ALL, and WE always have it wrong.

Something is Profoundly wrong when a  President Always says this to the People he represents. But hopefully he will see that what he thinks is not always true, when in 2012 the people speak once again, and he is back in Chi Town…………………

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