Another Man killed in Harlem……………..

And the Citizens that are interviewed say that living in these Neighborhoods IS VERY DANGEROUS, AND THEY ARE AFRAID TO WALK IN THEIR STREETS………..And they were afraid BEFORE these Murders.

Anyone who jogs in Central Park or Riverside Park, are Tempting Fate. They are Bound to be Attacked, because this is where The Predators of NYC Lay & Wait for their Victims to pass by. And the wearing of Headphones by these Joggers make them even more vulnerable & Easier to Attack, because they can’t hear what’s going on around them.

In the Meat Packing District, an Animal, I mean Man,  Goes on a Stabbing Spree, injuring many people including Cops.

These and other Similar Violent Crimes are an Every Day Occurrence in New York City, and don’t let others, including The Bloomberg Administration, tell you otherwise. Just ask the Citizens who live in these Crime Ridden Neighborhoods, which there a lot of. They are PETRIFIED TO WALK IN THEIR STREETS, Just ask them. They are Afraid that there Kids will be Shot by a Bullet meant by someone else. They are Afraid they will get Stabbed, or Pummeled to Death by a Bat or Large Stick.

NYC Is and Will Always Be a Very Dangerous Place to Live, where even Law Enforcement are Shot at by the Animals that Live in this City. When will it Stop?   I am afraid  NEVER!!!!

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